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5 Common Career Paths in Peacebuilding

It is very common to hear about wars and conflicts across the globe, especially on the continent of Africa. Wars and conflicts are our present-day realities, but research suggests that the rate and spate of wars have fallen drastically in recent years, especially in Africa. The Stockholm International Peace Research …

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20 organizations working to support refugees’ rights

Humans’ movement around the globe is not a new phenomenon. However, with the emergence of borders between countries and imposing more restrictions, this phenomenon has gained more international attention. Nowadays, our universe witnesses about 68.5 million forcibly displaced people. This article lists 20 international organizations working with refugees and highlights …

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5 Top Masters in International Development in the USA

Harvard Kennedy School – Cambridge, MA, United States Harvard Kennedy School, based in Cambridge offers students a two year Master degree in Public Administration in their International Development program. The program is an economics-centred, multidisciplinary program, designed to train the next generation of practitioners and leaders in the field of …

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