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The Vienna Master of Arts in Applied Human Rights was established in reaction to present-day challenges and global crises like the migration crisis, socio-economic inequalities, climate change or threats to data protection.

These issues can only be exposed and confronted through an interdisciplinary discourse and an applied approach to human rights. Next to historical, political, philosophical and legal dimensions, the perspectives of arts and culture in understanding and working in human rights enrichen this program.

The complexity and intricacy of human rights issues require an interdisciplinary approach. Besides offering innovative ways of uncovering, experiencing, and conveying matters concerning human rights, this worldwide unique university program is enhanced by approaches that stem from film, music, architecture, visual and performing arts. The curriculum includes practical skills for working in the sphere of human rights, such as, project management and  communication techniques.

A contemporary teaching concept, under the direction of UN expert and international human rights lawyer Manfred Nowak, leads to comprehensive competencies in the practical application of human rights. The students will be taught by renowned experts in the fields of human rights, arts and culture,  who will enable them to scientifically research questions relevant to human rights, recognise violations of human rights, and design as well as implement effective measures to achieve lasting human rights change and impact. In doing so, they will apply modern systemic change and communication strategies whilst setting up their own projects.

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