Disclosure: Global Peace Careers may be compensated by course providers.

Paid Internships in Peace, Conflict and Mediation

Below is a list of 46 organisations who have signed the “We pay our interns”-Charter. They regularly offer paid NGO internships.

Alkarama Foundation

Alkarama seeks to provide dignity and justice to all victims of human rights violations in the Arab world. Their work includes pro bono legal assistance to persons who face arbitrary detention, torture, or execution. Alkarama frequently seeks volunteers and interns who can provide translation work, legal assistance to their clients, or media creation and management services. Alkarama typically requires that applicants have a degree or experience in the related field. They also prefer that applicants be able to speak at least two of Arabic, French, and English.

Association for the Prevention of Torture (APT)

The Association for the Prevention of Torture understands that the mistreatment of prisoners happens behind closed doors and can occur under the purview of any governmental body; as such, their organization promotes transparency and scrutiny in all legal systems across the world. APT has regional offices on every continent and has established National Preventative Mechanisms in over 60 countries across the world. APT frequently offers internships at their Geneva headquarters and at various regional offices. Work typically involves legal assistance, advocacy, or the monitoring of detention facilities.

Care International

CARE International seeks to end poverty and suffering across the globe. CARE hopes to accomplish this goal by attacking the underlying structures that create power disparity between oppressors and marginalized groups. Although CARE puts women and girls at the forefront of their humanitarian efforts, the organization provides disaster relief and economic empowerment to all individuals who need help. Internships are available at the Geneva office or at CARE offices across the globe. Work might range from administrative support to field deployment in needy areas.

CCPR Centre

The Centre for Civil and Political Rights helps NGOs work with the United Nations’ Human Rights Committee. CCPR primarily accomplishes this by coordinating briefings between NGOs and the HR Committee, following up with NGOs to ensure that objectives are met, and promoting the litigation of specific organizational concerns. CCPR has internship agreements with several universities and does not otherwise accept applications.

Child Rights Connect

Child Rights Connect is an organization that cooperates with the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child. CRC works with the Committee to promote the views and rights of children within the human rights system; they also provide support outside of the Committee to those who defend the rights of children across the world. CRC frequently offers 6-month internships at their main office in Geneva. Work might include legal support or assisting the Secretariat with general duties.

CIVICUS Alliance for Citizen Participation

CIVICUS is an organization that promotes citizen participation in governmental works and human rights efforts across the world. CIVICUS works to defend civil freedoms, help citizens mobilize, and empower a more accountable civil society in every country where the organization is active. Although they have members in more than 150 countries, CIVICUS is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Internships are offered semi-frequently, and virtual work is sometimes an option. Work may include legal representation, human rights advocacy, translation, and general administrative support.

Civitas Maxima

Civitas Maxima is a legal organization that documents international crimes, promote awareness, and help victims gain access to justice. Civitas frequently provides information that leads to the arrest and trial of international criminals; many of their cases are hallmark victories for legal rights in the area in question. Civitas offers occasional internships at their office in Geneva. Work may include legal assistance, social media management, or administrative duties. Applicants are expected to have a relevant degree and are encouraged to speak both English and French.


Codap is a resource center that supports youth-based human rights initiatives. Codap provides basic training, networking assistance, and promotion for young activist organizations. Codap accepts both volunteers and interns on a consistent basis and does not require degrees or experience for involvement; many of their interns begin working with the organization through one of Codap’s European youth groups. The organization prefers if applicants are familiar with the French language.


Docip is an organization that supports and advocates for the rights of indigenous peoples when communicating with the United Nations. They provide documentation and research services, train aboriginal delegates to advocate for their own peoples, and provide legal assistance whenever possible. Docip’s offices are located in Geneva. Internships are offered on an occasional basis, and applicants are encouraged to speak multiple languages, including French and English. Work may involve legal support or historical documentation.


Euforia is a youth-driven NGO that helps bring an innovative mindset to organizational efforts. Euforia helps existing NGOs restructure with modern values, and the organization frequently runs workshops that encourage youth groups to make impactful changes in their communities. Euforia’s advocates are called “unicorns,” and internships are frequently offered either in Geneva or throughout Europe. Work typically includes organizational and promotional duties. Interested applicants may want to host their own Share and Grow Night or another Euforia-sanctioned event before applying for a job with the organization.

European Association for the Study of the Liver

The European Association for the Study of the Liver is a medical organization and one of the world’s frontrunners in the study of hepatology. EASL continually supports new clinical trials, promotes hepatology education, and advocates for higher standards of patient care. EASL has locations in both Geneva and Brussels. Both medical and social internships may be available; applicants should have a background or strong interest in hepatology. Young hepatologists can also apply for mentorships with trained industry professionals.

European Broadcasting Union

The European Broadcasting Union is a public service media alliance. The EBU provides resources and services to media organizations and is committed to the excellence of public media across the world. EBU internships and jobs are available at both the Geneva and Madrid offices. Work may include research, analytics, marketing, communications, and a wide variety of other fields and occupations.

European Institute of Peace

The European Institute of Peace is an independent organization that works with the European Union and various European governing bodies to promote global peace. Their work includes mediation, diplomacy, and reconciliation. The EIP has a strong focus on rights-based benefits and offers interventions tailored to specific regions. Traineeships are frequently available at the EIP’s home office in Brussels. Applicants should have a degree in political sciences, international relations, or a similar field.


The International Federation of Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture, or FIACAT, is a human rights organization with a strong focus on the prevention of torture, false imprisonment, enforced disappearances, and similar human rights violations. FIACAT works with other NGOs and with Christian communities throughout the world and has seen to the abolishment of the death penalty in several countries. FIACAT is constantly looking for interns in the fields of translation, law, and political sciences, but any interested individual is welcome to apply. FIACAT members speak both English and French, and the organization has offices in Brussels, Vincennes, and Geneva.

FIAN International

FIAN International is an organization that fights for the human right to food and nutrition. FIAN understands that food politics are complicated and that nutrition problems must be solved on both local and governmental levels. Their work includes protest letter campaigns, extensive lobbying, and legal support when needed. FIAN occasionally offers internships at their International Secretariat offices at Heidelberg and Geneva. Individual FIAN offices are also located throughout Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas; each chapter handles their own recruitment processes.

Fondation Eduki

The Eduki Fondation seeks to educate young people about the work of Switzerland’s many international organizations. Eduki organizes visits with other NGOs, sets up tours and discovery sessions, and facilitates research and education on all aspects of international cooperation. Eduki frequently offers internships to students, most of which are recruited through the University of Geneva. The organization also works with the BNF and SYNI programs to send students on international missions.

Geneva Infant Feeding Association (IBFAN-GIFA)

IBFAN-GIFA is the global liaison for the International Baby Food Action Network. IBFAN is dedicated to preserving the right to public breastfeeding, and the organization also works to maintain industry standards for the production and packaging of baby food. IBFAN-GIFA is a small organization that infrequently accepts internships; applicants should contact the Geneva office directly for more information.

Geneva Institute for Human Rights

The Geneva Institute for Human Rights is an academic organization that seeks to promote awareness of human rights. GIHR consistently offers human rights seminars and lectures to delegates, police officers, and other NGOs. GIHR accepts internship applications throughout the year. Applicants should be able to speak English, French, or Arabic, and they must have career aspirations or a strong interest in the field of human rights.

Global Human Rights Clinic

The Global Human Rights Clinic is a subdivision of the Global Human Rights Group. The Clinic works to help students and recent graduates gain experience in the field of human rights. Interns will work with larger teams, meet industry professionals, and collaborate with other NGOs in Geneva. The Clinic also offers a six-week online educational module for those who want to join their cause.

Good Neighbors International

Good Neighbors is an organization that provides tangible support and resources to areas in need. Good Neighbors works to solve institutional problems that prevent the distribution of food, water, hygenic materials, and other necessities. Interns can apply to work at the Global Office in Geneva, or they can apply for a position at one of the many Good Neighbors chapters around the world. Applicants should contact the specific chapter or office for more information.


HURIDOCS is an organization that helps other NGOs develop informational strategies and implement modern technologies into their current methods of operation. Information technology is essential for processing case files, organizing data, and communicating effectively with lawyers, delegates, and media outlets. HURIDOCS offers occasional internships and jobs for software engineers, researchers, and information security specialists who are interested in the field of human rights. Applicants are encouraged to contact the HURIDOCs office in Geneva.

Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre

The International Displacement Monitoring Centre provides data and analysis regarding the problem if international displacement. IDMC collects the age, gender, and location of displaced persons; other information includes their form of shelter and the duration of their displacement after the crisis. This data is used by other NGOs and governmental organizations to craft policies and make operational decisions. Internships are occasionally offered at IDMC’s Geneva office. Work may include database management, administrative support, research, and documentation.

International Disability Alliance

The International Disability Alliance is a collaborative network of over 1,100 disability-related organizations across the world. IDA speaks for and promotes the rights of persons with disabilities at United Nations conferences and discussions. IDA also empowers individual organizations with the tools and resources they need to succeed. IDA frequently offers internships at their Geneva location; work may include advocacy, data analysis, or administrative support. IDA occasionally also promotes internships or jobs for their partner organizations.

International AIDS Society

The International AIDS Society is an association of HIV professionals with members across the world. IAS provides resources, holds yearly conferences, and remains at the forefront of HIV research and advocacy. Internships may be available at the IAS headquarters in Geneva or during one of IAS three yearly conferences, including the International AIDS Conference, the IAS Conference on HIV Science, and the HIV Research for Prevention Conference.

International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA)

ILGA represents an alliance between all national and local organizations that support LGBTI rights across the world. ILGA acts as a global voice at United Nations meetings, empowers LGBTI organizations, and collects reputable research that can be used to further the cause of legal and social rights for members of the LGBTI community. Internships at ILGA may include legal support services, academic research, or media interaction. Most internships are located at the ILGA office in Geneva.

International Publishers Association

The International Publishers Association works with member organizations to promote discourse and legal action concerning publishing, fair use, and copyright protection across the world. Since the IPA was founded in 1896, over 81 international organizations have joined. IPA promotes literacy and takes a strong interest in the promotion of educational materials. Internships are occasionally available at the Geneva headquarters; applicants should contact the office directly for more details.

Internet Society

The Internet Society promotes internet standards across the world. Their focus areas include building online trust, connecting global populations, and improving technical security. The Internet Society also takes action on nearly any issue related to the world wide web. The Internet Society has main locations in both Geneva and Reston, Virginia. Interns may apply at either of these locations or at a local chapter. Work may include software engineering, data security, legal support, and advocacy.

Norwegian Refugee Council

The Norwegian Refugee Council provides aid, advocacy, and relocation assistance to people who have been forced to flee their home country. The NRC has a main office in Geneva and works with displaced individuals from over 30 different countries. The NRC’s work includes camp management, education, food and water security, and legal assistance. Internships and jobs are available at the Geneva office and at locations throughout the world; duties might include advocacy efforts, legal support, or field deployment.


The Organization for an International Geographical Indications Network works for the establishment of global indicators on technological products geared for specific regions. As the voice for many international GI groups, oriGIn provides advocacy for the maintenance and enforcement of global indicators at the United Nations and in other forums. Internships may be available at oriGIn’s Geneva headquarters; applicants should contact the office directly.

Peace Brigade International – Switzerland

Peace Brigade International is an organization that works to defend and advocate for humans rights defenders. This NGO provides unarmed escort services for vulnerable individuals and organizations across the world. They also provide advocacy work and diplomatic protection through an international network of contacts. PBI consistently offers internships at their Geneva office; work includes fundraising, communication, and assistant management. Applicants should be able to speak German as a native language, and French or Spanish fluency is also preferred.

Peace Watch Switzerland

Peace Watch is an organization that provides accompaniment, observation, and protection to the witnesses of human rights violations. In lieu of internships, Peach Watch sends interested volunteers on missions to countries like Columbia, Guatemala, and the Palestine/Israel border. The presence of neutral parties often reduces the conflict in suffering areas and allows civilians to return to their daily lives. Missions typically last between six months to a year, and applicants must complete training courses before departure.

Plan International UN Office in Geneva

Plan International collaborates with communities around the world to advocate for children’s rights. The organization listens to the voices of children within a community, works with governments to strengthen local support, and addresses the structural problems that prevent children from receiving appropriate treatment and care. Plan International offers occasional jobs and internships at their Geneva headquarters; applicants are also encouraged to join the emergency response roster to provide optional disaster relief.

Public Services International

Public Services International is a trade union federation that represents public service workers across the globe. Their members are health care workers, electricians, government service agents, and other trained professionals who provide essential services to the communities in which they live. Public Services International advocates for workers’ rights and fights gender discrimination in the workplace. Internships are occasionally available at the Public Services International headquarters in Ferney-Voltaire, France.

Save the Children

Save the Children is an international organization that provides essential resources, support, and advocacy to struggling communities. Save the Children has a large focus on health care, disaster relief, and education to help communities stabilize. A wide variety of jobs and internships are often available at Save the Children; applicants may work at the organization’s headquarters in London, or they may be asked to travel internationally as needed.

Swiss Network for International Studies (SNIS)

The Swiss Network for International Studies is an academic organization that promotes research on topics such as human rights, health care, and economic development. SNIS collaborates with international academic institutions to produce unbiased studies that focus on global phenomena. Graduate students and researchers can apply for funding during SNIS’s annual call for projects. Internships may be available at the SNIS office in Geneva; applicants should contact the office directly for more information.

TRIAL International

TRIAL International is committed to the fight against impunity for international crimes. This organization provides legal representation and advocacy for victims and pursues the litigation of serious offenses. TRIAL International is also known for developing legal support systems so that communities can continue to pursue internal justice. TRIAL International offers legal and advocacy internships at their Geneva offices; international travel may be required for some positions.


The International Network of Human Rights provides dialogue and mediation training for human rights professionals. RIDH also advocates for and supports human rights organizations during their communications with the United Nations. The impartial information and research that RIDH provides is essential for the progress of many debates. Internships and jobs may be available at the RIDH headquarters in Geneva. Applicants should be able to speak Spanish fluently, and familiarity with French or English is also considered an asset.

Terre des Hommes International Federation

Terres des Hommes is an advocacy organization that promotes child rights and fair economic development. This organization works by advocating at the United Nations, raising funds, and implementing development projects that change the living conditions of disadvantaged children. Terres des Hommes frequently offers internships at the International Secretariat; jobs and internships may also be available at the various Terres des Hommes chapters throughout Europe.

True Heroes Films

True Heros Films produces both short films and longer documentaries that communicate the story of human rights. THF is known for its ethical portrayals, engaging storytelling techniques, and excellent choice of tone. THF trains clients and future filmmakers and provides coverage for international events. Internships and training may be available at the True Heros Films studio in Geneva; applicants should contact the office directly for more information.

UPR Info

The Universal Periodic Review is an organization that reviews the human rights situations of the United Nations’ member states. Each state is reviewed every five years by a council consisting of other member states. After the periodic review, the state considers and implements the council’s recommendations. The success of the project is addressed during the next periodic review. UPR offers occasional legal and diplomatic internships at their Geneva headquarters.


WaterLex works to secure the human rights to clean and adequate water supply in all corners of the world. This mission is accomplished through extensive legal research, capacity enhancement programs, and accountable action plans that are implemented with government support. Scientific, legal, and research-based internships and volunteer opportunities are occasionally available at the WaterLex office in Geneva. Interested graduates may also apply for membership at the discretion of the WaterLex scientific committee.

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

The Womens’ International League for Peace and Freedom promotes a vision of feminist peace and seeks to overcome patriarchy, militarism, and neoliberalism. WILPF advocates for womens’ rights, builds community alliances, and uses nonviolent activist methods to promote political agendas. WILPF frequently offers internships at their offices in Geneva, London, and New York. Applicants must be fluent in English; work will include NGO management, advocacy, and grassroots political organization.

World Council of Churches

The World Council of Churches is an international community of Christian churches. WCC is a broad and inclusive movement with members in all denominations and in more than 110 countries. The WCC supports member churches, promotes religious missions, and advocates for the religious point of view at the United Nations. Internships and jobs may be available at the WCC headquarters in Geneva.

World Evangelical Alliance

The World Evangelical Alliance is a global network of churches that provides international advocacy for Christian communities. The WEA believes that more people will be attracted to Christianity if the churches are united, and they have member organizations in over 120 different countries. Both internships and volunteer positions may be available at the WEA offices in New York State or Deerfield, Illinois. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact the WEA directly at their Illinois headquarters.

World Future Council

The World Future Council firmly believes in passing on a healthy and just world to future generations. WFC works to promote sustainable political and economic systems in the areas of children’s rights, climate change, and food security. Jobs and internships may be available at the WFC’s offices in Hamburg, London, and Geneva. WFC members are active across the globe, and work may require international travel.

World YWCA

The World Young Women’s Christian Association is an international organization that advocates for women’s rights and human rights in general. World YWCA works in over 100 countries to teach leadership skills, provide resources, and help women overcome difficulties in their communities. Internships may be available at the World YWCA office in Geneva; however, interested applicants may also want to work with their local YWCA chapter.