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NGO Vacancies

There’s a lot of injustice and poverty in our world. If you really want to get involved and work to make things better, consider joining an NGO organization. Whether your passion is education or poverty or refugees, there’s a place for you. Here are 10 organizations offering career opportunities:

Actionaid International

AAI is a human-rights based organization focused on solving the problem of poverty. Based in South Africa, it works in areas such as sustainable agriculture; giving people political influence; improving public education; and helping women and girls. The org also performs policy research and advocacy. It currently has a presence in countries such as China, the United Kingdom, and Afghanistan. You can see what jobs are available here.

International Rescue Committee

Founded way back in 1933 in response to people fleeing Nazi Germany, this global non-profit focuses on giving long-term assistance and emergency aid to refugees and people displaced by war, natural disasters, or persecution. It works in 40 countries and 26 US cities, where it’s based. Staff includes first responders, international development experts, health care providers, and more. NGO vacancies can be found in the “Careers” section of their website.


This environmental activist group was founded in 1989. Its name, while also the name of the Roman goddess of agriculture, stands for the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies. After the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the org created a list of ten principles for corporate environmental conduct. 50 companies have since endorsed them. Job opportunities are found here.

The Association for Women’s Rights in Development

Women and girls are arguably the most oppressed group in the world. The AWID has been addressing that issue since 1982, and seeks to empower women through gender equality and sustainable development. The org’s goal is to support feminist organizations, movements, and advocates around the world. Global membership is around 5000. You can find opportunities on their website.

Committee to Protect Journalists

This US-based NGO promotes freedom of the press and journalists’ rights. It was founded in 1981. With projects like the US Press Freedom Tracker, the org collects data on journalists around the world, and works to protect and promote the rights of the free press in the United States. NGO vacancies can be found here.

Task Force For Global Health

Founded in 1984, this international NGO’s goal is to improve health, especially in developing countries. They have eight programs focused on issues like tropical diseases, vaccines, health workforce development, and more. The Task Force is currently found in over 150 countries. Find vacancies here.

Danish Refugee Council

This Denmark-based humanitarian org currently works in over 30 countries, including Iraq, Chechnya, Somalia, and Afghanistan. They are also one of the major humanitarian groups in Syria. Their goals are to protect refugees in crises and to promote long-term solutions. Current vacancies can be found on their website.

Heifer International

Founded in 1944, this organization has expanded globally and works to solve poverty through sustainable development. They distribute animals and perform training in order to empower people and build community. Since their founding, Heifer has provided aid to over 100 million people in more than 125 countries. Click here to explore their career opportunities.

Mercy Corps

This global org works in 38 countries with a focus on societies going through instability, whether it’s economic, social, environmental, or political. Their goal is to help communities through crises and empower development. Their programs focus on a variety of issues, such as children and youth, food security, and agriculture. NGO vacancies can be found here.

CARE International

CARE or Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere focuses on emergency relief and long-term development. They’ve worked in 94 countries and supported hundreds of projects. Their areas of interest include food security, water and sanitation, climate change, health, and more. Within all those issues, CARE also works to end gender inequality and empower women and girls. Go to their website for more information on career opportunities.