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5 Top Websites to find NGO Vacancies

When looking for a career in the non-profit sector, visiting big job-board sites may seem like a good idea. But if you’re really serious about finding work at an NGO company, it’s best to target websites that focus predominantly on job listings for non-profit organizations. The following five stands out:


Hailed as “one of the most useful sites”, Idealist features a job search that lists jobs according to subject, position, country, geographical area and other criteria. The site boasts roughly 10 000 jobs featured and a database of nearly 80 000 non-profits. The website also sends free personal email updates with new job openings that match your interests. The site offers job hunters two free books filled with strategies for people considering a career in the non-profit sector. The books are written by the staff of Idealist and feature a group of experts. Both are available, for free, in PDF. One book is targeted at emerging professionals pursuing a career, for the first time, in the non-profit sector and the other aimed at transitioning professionals pursuing a new career in the sector.

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The Foundation Centre

The Foundation Centre is a New York City based non-profit organization that aims to strengthen the social sector by advancing knowledge about philanthropy in the U.S and across the globe. Its website features a Philanthropy News Digest Jobs Board which is a gold mine for those looking for employment at foundations and non-profits. The Foundation Centre website is a well-known source of information about philanthropy, who serves to gather and analyse data, sharing it worldwide to empower people who wish to learn more about philanthropy’s ability to improve the world. The website partners job hunters with the right organizations, in a bid to help develop and strengthen organizations to develop their own team for more effective development outcomes.



Devex is introduced as a “social enterprise and media platform” and serves firms, NGO’s and individuals who are seeking employment. It aims to connect and inform development, health, humanitarian and sustainability professionals by way of media, business intelligence and career opportunities. The media platform is a social enterprise working to make the $200 billion aid and development industries do more good, for more people, across the globe. The site is one of the largest job seeker websites, providing accurate and up to date job and business development opportunities for a wide reach of audience. Its free membership gives you access to published news, jobs, and push notifications about the most popular development business news. Although the site features a free membership, there are also paid options that include perks.


Microfinance Gateway

Microfinance Gateway lists jobs in the microfinance sector and offers subscribers a free jobs bulletin. The website also contains links to organizations with internship openings within microfinance. Established in 2000, the Microfinance Gateway is a consortium of 29 international donors who support microfinance. It welcomes more than 1 million annual visitors from over 2000 and hosts content in four languages: English, French, Arabic and Spanish. This community website presents a diverse array of viewpoints and information available in the field of interest. It welcomes individuals and organizations to submit content to its library documents, announcements, job opportunities and event listings. As with all job portals, it also has the email alert option, that sends subscribers personalised emails detailing jobs and internships that suite their preference.



Comprehensive site, Encore.org, is for anyone interested in starting an encore career. The Encore teams’ vision is to help organizations develop and cultivate new ways to engage encore talent, in a bid to help solve social problems. They recognize that there are more people in the U.S over 50 than there are under 18. They believe that life after 50 can still be filled with social contribution and impact. The site features a Job Listings page that holds more than 4 million listings for encore-friendly jobs aimed at job hunters that are 50 years and older. The search bar allows you to search by field and location. You are able to source non-profit job listings this way too. The website also contains helpful videos and articles that make it easier for job hunters to search for non-profit work. The Encore team strives to change hearts and minds through innovation, thought leadership and research by providing job opportunities for those in their encore-years, still looking to impact society positively. The resources available for ‘Encore Leaders’ and ‘Encore Seekers’ are especially helpful.