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Careers in Environmental Law, Protection, Rights

Environmental Lawyer     ▪       Description:  As an environmental lawyer, you will deal with a broad area of law which covers issues related to specious protection, water, and air pollution, waste management, climate change or any other element on Earth that needs to be protected and preserved from humans’ impact. You …

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Masters in Environmental Protection, Rights, Law

We gathered some captivating Masters Programs in Masters in Environmental Protection, Rights, Law. Environmental Science and Ecology, University of Aberdeen This Scottish University with a long tradition and excellent reputation for teaching and research in Environmental and Ecological Sciences, provides students with a wide range of teaching methods that will …

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Human Rights Essay Guide

How to Write a Human Rights Essay Using a Persuasive Essay Format At some point in time, every student will face writing that dreaded essay. Once you get over the negative thinking of having to sit down and churn out hundreds of words, you might be convinced of the positive …

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20 organizations working to support refugees’ rights

Humans’ movement around the globe is not a new phenomenon. However, with the emergence of borders between countries and imposing more restrictions, this phenomenon has gained more international attention. Nowadays, our universe witnesses about 68.5 million forcibly displaced people. This article lists 20 international organizations working with refugees and highlights …

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