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Organizations Offering UN Jobs in Vienna

UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) UNODC is headquartered in Vienna, periodically offering a variety of jobs for those interested in working with the office. UNODC focuses their work on illicit drugs and international crime, including terrorism, drug and human trafficking, cybercrime, money-laundering, organized crime, wildlife crime, drug prevention …

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Organizations offering UN Jobs in Africa

The United Nations consists of numerous branches dealing with issues like economics, politics, research, development, and more, giving people a variety of opportunities for jobs. Africa, a giant continent, is host to many of these opportunities. Here’s a list of UN orgs that periodically offer UN jobs in Africa: The …

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Organizations Offering UN Jobs in Uganda

The United Nations is a huge intergovernmental organization with multiple branches and goals. Within the body, there are organizations targeting specific issues across the world, like industrial development, refugee settlement, and more. Working for one of these orgs lets you make a difference and receive support from the UN. Many …

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