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Paid Emergency Management Internships

On this page, we compiled a list of paid and unpaid internships with organizations and employers around the world. If you are finished reading on this page you may also want to explore our pages on human rights scholarships, fellowships, courses, masters and jobs. American Red Cross Paid Internship Program …

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Paid LGBTI Internships

The lives of LGBTI people everywhere are constantly at a disadvantage due to discrimination by private parties or people, companies, organizations, and policies. Fortunately, everyday there are new paid opportunities becoming available that help people in the LGBTI community across the world, allowing LGBTI professionals to effect change in their …

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10 Paid Internships in Peace and Conflict Studies

Peace and Conflict Studies is a people-centered programme that requires more than just theoretical knowledge about peace, conflicts, major actors and their possible resolution. While theories help understand the dynamics of conflicts, their historical antecedents, and possible future complexities are better understood through a participatory hands-on approach; that is one …

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5 Paid NGO internships around the world

Alkarama Foundation The Alkarama Foundation is an independent human rights organization, based in Geneva and established in 2004. The organization assists victims who are at risk of disappearances, torture, extra-judicial executions, and arbitrary detention in the Arab World. It acts as a bridge between individual victims and international human rights mechanisms, …

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