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How to become an environmental lawyer

Environmental law is a term that encompasses a number of different disciplines when it comes to practicing law. It relates itself to certain fields that lawyers can focus on specifically, including hazardous waste, biodiversity, species protection, air quality, water quality, sustainability, wetlands, green initiatives, waste management and so much more. …

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Top 4 free Environmental Management courses

Global Environmental Management Global Environmental Management is a free online course offered by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Through this five-week course, students will learn about the various ways that the national, regional and international governmental organizations are approaching environmental management. The class lasts for five weeks and includes …

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10 Exciting Careers in Environmental Engineering

In recent times, more and more people have become interested in environmental engineering, in light of growing awareness of environmental concerns, a demand for more sustainable practices among businesses and industries, and the urgent need to find solutions to environmental problems. As a discipline, environmental engineering encompasses several scientific topics …

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Careers in Environmental Law, Protection, Rights

Environmental Lawyer     ▪       Description:  As an environmental lawyer, you will deal with a broad area of law which covers issues related to specious protection, water, and air pollution, waste management, climate change or any other element on Earth that needs to be protected and preserved from humans’ impact. You …

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A list of 20 environmental issues

“The world is too much with us,” wrote William Wordsworth more than 200 years ago, in response to the First Industrial Revolution. That statement holds no truer than today, when scientists have predicted that humanity only has a quarter of a century left to fight climate change before its effects …

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Masters in Environmental Protection, Rights, Law

We gathered some captivating Masters Programs in Masters in Environmental Protection, Rights, Law. Environmental Science and Ecology, University of Aberdeen This Scottish University with a long tradition and excellent reputation for teaching and research in Environmental and Ecological Sciences, provides students with a wide range of teaching methods that will …

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