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Working for UNICEF


UNICEF, or the United Nations Children’s Fund, is an organization that was initially created by the United Nations General Assembly back in the year 1946. From the start, the goal of UNICEF has been to provide both emergency healthcare and food supplies to mothers and their children, at the time born out of the need to help those who were affected by World War II. UNICEF is one of the most famous organizations in the world and perhaps the most famous when it comes to helping children around the world. If you find yourself compelled by the same principles that drives UNICEF toward the betterment of children’s lives, you could consider becoming an intern at UNICEF.

The UNICEF Internship Programme gives eligible students the chance to work directly with UNICEF, allowing for immersion and direct exposure to the practical work that the organization does. This will give candidates the chance to work in many of the functional areas of UNICEF that are all related to its mandates, which are separated into three main categories: Operations, External Relations and Programme and Policy.

Those who are interested in an internship and who are eligible will be chosen based on the needs of any given office and their capacity to accept new interns. The open opportunities at any given time can be found on the employment page section of the UNICEF website. Over time, the internship eligibility requirements have been broadened and revised in order to give more people an opportunity to become a part of the organization. Upon the last revision, the requirements to join UNICEF leave opportunities wide open.

To be considered eligible, candidates must first and foremost be currently enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or Ph.D. program. If not, they must have graduated within the last two years at the time of applying. Applicants must also be at least 18 years old. It is required that candidates are proficient in at least one of the official working languages at UNICEF, including English, Spanish or French. Depending on the office you are hoping to apply for, you will have to be proficient in the language they use.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate excellent academic performance that will reflect in the form of a university or other institutional record. Candidates must have no immediate relatives currently working in any UNICEF office, including a father, mother, sister or brother, and they must have no other relatives working in the line of authority that the candidates will be reporting to once they are interns. If there is any professional experience in the past that an applicant has relative to the field, then additional consideration may be given.

If you are ready to apply, visit the UNICEF employment page and browse the available opportunities. The applications must be submitted through the online recruitment system only. Any returning applicants can sign into the site using their login for greater ease, making it simple for hopefuls all around the world who want to better the lives of children be able to do so.


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Disclosure: Global Peace Careers may be compensated by course providers.