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Working for UN Women

UN Women is a program dedicated to empowering and supporting women and girls all around the world with a focus on gender equality and human rights. With years of expertise, innovative programs make each step taken more efficient than the last. UN Women works toward their goal of stomping out oppressive discrimination, and each steep is taken with their values in mind. UN Women prioritizes a respect for diversity, unwavering integrity and sheer professionalism in every mission they embark upon.

UN Women works hand in hand with local governments and societies to put together and implement policies, laws, services and programs that help them reach their goal of equality. There are more than 2,000 diverse gender equality advocates working for UN Women with over 150 different nationalities working hand in hand to tackle tough global challenges that not only bring about meaningful change but also leave you feeling rewarded and accomplished.

There are various opportunities for you to join UN Women, which currently has 80 percent of its staff on the field. This organization is one of the many that participates in the Junior Professional Officer Program (JPO) and allows room for young professionals to gain hands-on knowledge and experience in the field by way of sponsorship through their governments. The United Nations Volunteers program takes on volunteers through UN Women, making it one of the most accessible paths toward your goal of achieving meaningful gender equality, while the Internship program gives students the chance to be directly exposed to the work of UN Women.

Those interested in becoming a part of the UN Women organization will need to apply using the recruitment system found through the United Nations’ website. Here are a few websites where you can find UN Women Jobs.