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Why You Should Consider a Degree in Peace and Conflict

Regardless of a person’s upbringing or location on the globe; no matter what a day in the life may look like or a person’s dreams might be, there is one common vein that runs throughout the whole of humanity, and that is a desire to achieve total peace in the world. Even with such a passion for peace inside of everyone, that peace that is so sought after remains just outside of one’s reach but close enough to still be attainable. Your degree in Peace and Conflict will be one step closer to achieving such a crucial dream, and beyond that, there are three compelling reasons why basing your career around such studies can benefit you personally.

Your Degree Applies to Many Things

It is a sad fact that conflict is constant and plentiful, scattered in different intensities all across the globe, but it is a fact all the same. Within the peace and conflict field, you can get closer to these conflicts and eliminating them through studies of conflict theory, human rights and the history of non-violent protest. With a degree in peace and conflict, you also touch upon a broader range of disciplines as well as you navigate the different instances of conflict and approaches to their resolutions. Topics could include things such as religious studies, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, geography, history, gender studies, politics and international relations. Furthermore, important soft skills may be developed such as self-awareness, critical thinking and communication, which can help you in many other areas of your work life.

It Will Never Be Irrelevant

War is a fact of life on Planet Earth and has been engaged in since its first recorded instance in Mesopotamia in 2700 BC. Conflict still rages on to this day with wars and battles popping up everywhere, from Yemen to Afghanistan, from Chechnya to the Central African Republic. It is safe to assume that there will be more in the future as well. Even as you hope to attain peace, the path toward it is long and littered with conflict that you will learn how to temper or reach resolutions.

Wide Range of Employment Options

With a peace and conflict studies degree, you can move on to operate in a number of different fields and sectors. Everything from government facilities to nonprofit public service organizations to globally interested corporations will be looking to employ you. Inside of each one of these fields, too, are different positions to work within, including researchers, human rights officers, journalists, legal officers, arbitrators, victim mediators and others. All of the insights that come with work in conflict resolution set you up to be able to develop your skill through a variety of different avenues for as long as there exists this in-exhaustive conflict.

Your passion for peace and your desire to actively work toward it can be poured into a meaningful, rewarding career by first taking on a peace and conflict degree. See where such experience could really take you and change the world at the same time by pursuing a peace and conflict degree.