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What is the United Nations Young Professionals Programme?

The United Nations Young Professionals Programme is dedicated to recruiting highly qualified candidates to begin careers with the UN Secretariat as international civil servants. According to the UN website, the program receives up to 50,000 applicants. The application process is lengthy and very selective, and it includes an exam for selected candidates and professional development after candidates have been hired.

Applicants must be nationals of a country participating in the UN, and they should have at least a first-level degree that is relevant for the exam subject they want to apply for. Every year, countries that are not represented in the UN or which are under-represented are able to participate in the YPP, and that list is available on the UN Career website. The exam is given once a year, and it is given only in the areas in which the UN currently has staffing needs. Furthermore, applicants should be aged 32 years or younger in the year they take the exam, and they should be fluent English or French speakers.

Applicants should first review their basic eligibility on the YPP home pages, and then they can create a profile and submit an application. The next step is to apply for a particular position, and then applicants who have made it to this stage of the screening process can take a written examination, followed by an oral examination. Successful applicants are then notified.

When you complete the application, read through the screening questions carefully that determine your eligibility because if you cannot answer yes to them, you may not be able to participate in the YPP. It is important to pay attention to every detail of the application instructions as well, as your application will be discarded if you submit an incomplete or incorrect application.

Additionally, note that when there are more than 40 candidates of the same nationality, work experience that is relevant is used to screen applicants. View the sample work history to ensure yours is in the right format for submission. Highest level of education completed and applicants’ ability to use official UN languages are other criteria used to rank applications.

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