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What does it take to be a United Nations Police Officer?


If you’ve ever wondered what you need to do and what criteria you must meet to serve on the United Nations peacekeeping force, this list of qualifications will tell you everything you need to know to prepare for a rewarding, yet challenging career in the field.

United Nations Police Officers must meet all of the following qualifications:

– Be at least 25 years of age. Individuals who are 24 years old and younger will not be considered for the posts.

– Be no older than 62 years old. The United Nations encourages individuals to consider retirement once they reach the age of 55; however, the maximum age is 62. Individuals who are older than 55 may not be considered for police officer positions if qualified younger applicants are available.

– Be a citizen of one of the United Nations member nations that contributes members to the United Nations Police Office Force.

– Have at least 5 years of work experience with national police or with local law enforcement. Individuals who were former police officers that retired within the last 5 years will also be considered.

– Speak one of the official languages of the United Nations fluently. Each mission that the United Nations Police Officers are called on has an official language that is chosen based on location. Only individuals fluent in that language will be called upon to serve for the mission.

– Have passed a language test under the terms of the United Nations Selections Assistance Team Guidelines. Clearances to serve in the field will not be issued until passing test results are confirmed.

– Have received a United Nations Selections Assistance Team clearance to carry a firearm on duty. These clearances require successfully passing a background check and completing examinations.

– Hold a valid international or national driver’s license and have at least 1 year of driving experience. Individuals will need to pass a United Nations Selections Assistance Team driving exam before being deployed into the field.

– Possess basic knowledge of computers and be able to perform basic tasks like completing forms, writing reports and sending emails using a computer.

– Have a valid diplomatic or service passport from their native countries.

– Be able to acquire transit visas to whatever locations are required for each deployment.

In addition to these mandatory qualifications, the following skills can improve your chances of being deemed eligible for deployment as a United Nations Police Officer:

– Being able to read a map

– Having previous experience with United Nations peacekeeping missions

– Familiarity with how to use global positioning systems

– Demonstrated negotiation skills

– Conflict resolution or mediation experience

– Previous experience conducting interviews

– Basic first aid training


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Disclosure: Global Peace Careers may be compensated by course providers.