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University of Exeter launches course on “Climate Change: Solutions”

Climate Change: Solutions is an online course offered through the University of Exeter, located in Exeter, United Kingdom. The class is taught by the Chair of Climate Change/Earth System Science, a senior lecturer in glaciology and GIS at the university, and a Ph.D. student researching the impact of climate change. Anyone who is interested in learning more about the facts of climate change can benefit from this course. The class can be taken on its own or along with its sister course, Climate Change: The Science.

Lasting for four weeks, Climate Change: Solutions is taught through online video lectures. Students also receive readings and assignments to complete. Most students will need to spend roughly 3 hours of study time on the coursework each week to successfully complete the class.

The first week of the course is devoted to Climate Action, introducing students to the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations and to the concept of sustainable energy production. During the second week, students will learn about Life on Land with topics including food security and agriculture and methods of strengthening the carbon sink. For the third week, the focus is life below water with students learning about pollution in the Earth’s oceans and sustainable fishing practices. The class concludes with a unit on sustainable cities and communities, covering what cities of the future may look like and how students can take action to positively affect climate change in their daily lives.

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