University of California Santa Cruz offering free course on Feminism and Social Justice

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The University of California Santa Cruz is offering a free, adapted version of its long-running course on feminism and social justice. Taught by Distinguished Professor Bettina Aptheker of the Feminist Studies Department, this course covers three major events in feminist history. It’s a four-week English-language course with a 9-hour total commitment.

In the course, students will learn Dr. Aptheker’s definition of feminism and discuss the meaning and purpose with other students.  During the second week, you’ll learn about the Empire Zinc strike of 1951 along with the 1954 film about the event, “Salt of the Earth.” The third week covers the story of activist Angela Davis, while the last week explores the #metoo movement and recent changes.

Purchasing a certificate for “Feminism and Social Justice” grants you access to all course materials and any assignments. Financial aid is available for those approved by Coursera. Auditing the course is free. Enrollment begins March 26 and while you can access all of the materials online at any time, sticking with the rest of the class’ schedule makes discussions more rewarding.

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