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5 Top Universities Offering Conflict Resolution Training

University of Manchester – MA Peace and Conflict Studies

Study conflict management at the University of Manchester in the UK and benefit from specialized training at one of the world’s leading peace and conflict study centers. Through exploration, this course takes an interdisciplinary approach, examining the processes that actors have attempted to put into place, in a bid to build peace in war-ridden areas. The course work draws on expertise from the fields of politics, history, anthropology and the arts, giving students the opportunity to engage with conflict resolution, management, transformation, and even statebuilding and peacebuilding practices and theories.

At the end of the course, students will have a critical understanding of key issues around the theories of conflict management and peace building. They will also be more familiar with policy literature and have a better understanding of the legalities around peace building and state building, international governance structures and the role of key individuals and institutions, such as NGOs, the military and other relevant actors.

You can apply online by visiting the university website.

University of Miami – Conflict Resolution Certificate

The University of Miami’s Division of Continuing and International Education offers students the opportunity to further their conflict resolution knowledge, by obtaining a Conflict Resolution Certificate.

The course takes a look at conflict, in day to day situations, and provides the tools needed in order to diagnose and analyze it, helping the student to understand the role of negotiation and resolution. Additional skills that can be acquired include evaluating and analyzing solution options in conflict stricken situations, developing sound communication skills needed to advance an effective proposal and achieving positive, collaborative conflict resolution outcomes.

The course is 8 weeks long and more details about how to apply can be found online.

James Cook University – Master of Conflict Management and Resolution

The James Cook University, in Australia, offers students the opportunity to learn more about conflict management and resolution with relevant practical, skills-based training that you are able to implement immediately. Working with real-life case studies, the course is designed to help students learn how to directly apply conflict and resolution tactics to their professional and their personal lives.

Once you’ve completed your JCU Graduate Certificate in Conflict Management and Resolution, you are able to achieve your Masters, at James Cook University. This opens you up to pursue the following career paths: Leadership roles in various sectors such as local government, education, health, emergency services, politics, logistics, defense and social work. You will also learn necessary tactics needed when running your own business or consultancy. Community development or international peace and security organizations are also keen to work with candidates who have successfully completed their Master of Conflict Management and Resolution.

For more information on how to apply, please visit the online application portal

University of Winniepeg – Introduction to Conflict Resolution Studies

Study conflict resolution at the University of Winnipeg in Canada. The Introduction to Conflict Resolution Studies has been designed to foster a deeper understanding of the nature and origin of human conflict, the responses to conflict and ways to better deal with conflict. This course is a door to other conflict resolution courses offered at the University.

In the program, conflict is analyzed from an interdisciplinary viewpoint, taking into consideration topics such as power, culture, violence, peace, justice, communication, conflict, war, dispute resolution and transformation.

Other sample courses on offer include: Conflict in the Family, Conflict and Communication, Legal Systems and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Restorative Justice, Coaching and Mediation Skills, Women and Peacemaking, Nonviolent Social Change, Workplace Conflict Resolution, Human Rights and Conflict Resolution.

More information about applications and requirements can be found on the University website.

University of Waterloo – Conflict Management Certificate Program

The Canadian University of Waterloo offers students the opportunity to further their knowledge of conflict management in the Conflict Management Certificate Program at the University’s Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies. The course offers the following concentrations:

Certificate in Conflict Management and Mediation

This course helps to develop skills needed in the workplace, family or the community.

Certificate in Conflict Management and Congregational Leadership

Geared towards the Christian faith community, the course gives training on conflict resolution in a church setting.

Customized training

Available on conflict management topics that are relevant to you, these workshops are designed to focus on an area of concern that you would like to learn about.

Discounts and scholarships are available and a reduction in fees is applicable when payment is made at least four or more weeks in advance. Additional information and application details can be found on the website.