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Tips for Gaining Employment with the United Nations


When you are considering a job with the United Nations, it first must be understood that the UN is full of different branches and agencies. Choose which one of these departments interests you the most and set a goal that you would like to reach, but consider more general applications as well, as this could get your foot in the door and help you get the job you dream of in the future. Understand the different job titles and what they specifically entail instead of simply choosing a vague goal like working for UNICEF.

With your goal in mind, spend time studying and fine tuning your skills. Check out the required skills in the job postings that interest you and devote time to volunteer work and training that will make your resume stand out. Keep in mind that being fluent in one or more of the UN Working Languages looks exceptional on a resume, making it a good idea to spend time building your language skills. Try to land jobs that will give your experience relative to the job title you want, as some of them will require certain timeframes of relative employment experience.  Don’t brush off UN Volunteer work, either. These internships help you gain necessary experience and get you closer to the job you dream of.

Take time with filling out all online applications available on the United Nations job recruitment site. Within the UN, resumes are called PHPs, or personal history profiles. They take a long time to complete as every organization within the UN has its own requirements and templates, but after you have filled out your unique PHP you can apply to different organizations with just a few clicks of the mouse. Check out generic postings, too, and be accurate when giving out your details, as Human Resources will check for their accuracy and may take action against you if your details are incorrect which could affect your future United Nations career. Then, prepare for the written and oral exams by researching everything you can about both the job family you are applying for. Not only is this sort of research important, but taking the time to thoroughly research and explore the duties and processes of the United Nations as a whole will ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for the broad range of questions asked, those of which might surprise you. Studying hard never hurt anybody who had big dreams.

When speaking with a UN representative on the phone for your interviews, speak clearly and confidently as these traits will stand out. If the interview with the panel is received positively, this will help your case when they examine and summarize your skills as a panel once your interview is done. Remember to apply for all jobs that can bring you closer to your goal, not leaving out the generic postings. Try and get clearance for as many postings as possible as this will give you more opportunities for success. Keep your goals modest and build up as you go.

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