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The United Nations are launching course on One Planet, One Ocean

One Planet, One Ocean is a free online class offered by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network of the United Nations. This introductory course is ideal for people who have enjoyed documentaries like Planet Earth and The Blue Planet, sustainable development practitioners and undergraduate and graduate students studying oceanography, environmental science, environmental law, sustainable development and sustainable business. In addition, individuals who work in energy, fishing, climate change and related fields can also benefit from the course. The class is self-paced, but it is recommended that students devote four to six hours to each video module, completing the course over a six-week period.

During the first module of the course, students will learn about how the ocean is governed and what attitudes and values impact our ocean waters. The second module focuses on coastal ecosystems and how they can be better managed. In the third module, students will have a chance to learn about marine ecosystems in depth, while the fourth module focuses on fisheries and aquaculture. Through the videos and assignments in the fifth module, students will gain an understanding of how marine life and minerals are currently impacted by conditions and the ocean. The class concludes with an examination of how the oceans are linked to climate change.

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