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Many universities and colleges offer fully online degrees for distance learners or those who want to pursue their degree at their own pace. Either way an online degree offers many benefits for young professionals who are looking to obtain their higher degrees while not putting their life on hold for school. There are colleges that are strictly online universities with no on-campus option like Columbia Southern University, Capella University, and Purdue University Global that offer degrees and certificates at many different stages in a students career. A few universities have online degree programs as part of their on-campus classes like Waldorf University, Liberty University, or Davenport University. With so many options out there for students, it’s no wonder more and more professionals are choosing to pursue an online degree.

Flinders University is located in Adelaide, Australia and offers both online and on-campus programs for undergraduates and graduates. The University houses six smaller colleges with focuses in Business, Education, Medicine, Humanities, Nursing, and Science. With campuses in four locations spread across Australia, students have the choice to attend the school in whichever location suits their living needs. It is ranked within the top 300 universities in the world for its online and on-campus programs.

Through Flinders University’s online degree program offerings, students are able to pursue their Graduate Certificate in Gender Mainstreaming Policy and Analysis. The degree program is a one year completely online program offered through Flinders University to admitted students of their graduate school. With a roughly $16,000 tuition ticket, Flinders University offers a world education to students who want to incorporate and examine gender politics in policy making. Students who wish to apply to this program must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. Topics covered will include gender and public policies, applied development studies, and gender analysis.

The University of South Wales is a college located in several cities across Wales in Pontypridd, Newport, and Cardiff. The school recently struck up a partnership with education systems in Dubai to allow its students to study in the heart of the global business center. Fees for each program varies depending on the courses that the students chose to take. The University is welcoming to international students and offers international scholarships to assist them in paying for their courses. International and European Union students have different costs of attendances due to their citizenship standing.

A part of their online course offerings, the University of South Wales hosts a Master of Science in Clinical Psychiatry. The degree has one- and two-year offerings for students who wish to pursue the degree in that time. To be able to choose the one-year option, graduates must already possess a clinical psychiatry diploma, otherwise the two-year course will have students obtain that diploma during their first year before completing their MSc. With this degree, professionals can use it toward practicing clinical psychiatry with members of the LGBTI community. Fees for this program range between $4,000 and $6,000 depending.

The University of South Wales also offers a Master of Science in Sexual and Reproductive Medicine. This is a fully online course with the option to complete the degree in one- to two-years. Though this is a strictly online program, students develop a close relationship with their teachers through weekly interactions during the beginning of the course. Preparing students for working within the medical field as practitioners, the program also aims to instill its graduates with leadership skills. The masters program ranges in price from $4,000 to $6,000 with the average student paying roughly $5,000.

The University of Massachusetts is a large college in the United States with many schools all over the state of Massachusetts. It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees for those studying at one of their schools. In 2001, the University started an online university that was an extension of its greater campus. The University of Massachusetts Online allows distance learners access to the main schools degrees and certificates which includes over 100. Students who chose to pursue their degree through the University’s online school, will be able to learn from the University’s award-winning teachers. Tuition for the online university is the same for all students but ranges depending on credits and level.

Through the University of Massachusetts online university admitted students may study toward their Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling. Tuition for this master’s program is $34,500 and provides graduates with all of the skills and license to practice within the state of Massachusetts. For students who make it into this program, there is a two-week on campus requirement at the beginning of the term while all other portions are done online. Professionals wishing to work within the LGBTI community can benefit from such a degree and take it on to pursue specialized training or become practicing counselors that assist LGBTI individuals and groups.

The Master of Public Policy that the University of Massachusetts offers online is perfect for students or professionals who wish to work in implementing change in policy within nonprofits, businesses, and government agencies. LGBTI improvement in society can start with changing the way we govern those members of the public. Tuition for the degree is $553 per credit, and the course itself is 36 credits. While studying to obtain the skills needed to develop policies in their on professional careers, students will analyze current policies and apply critical thinking to improve upon them.

With a Master of Education in School Counseling from the University of Massachusetts, professionals who want to work with LGBTI youth within the education system can do so with a certificate to practice within the state of Massachusetts. Though the program provides students with ability to work in the state of Massachusetts, the overall course and degree aims to prepare its students with the skills to counsel on the global scale. The course has a tuition ticket of $34,500. Students admitted must be available for a two week visit at the beginning of the program that will take place on the campus in Boston.

Oregon State University is situated in the United States on the West Coast in Corvallis, Oregon. The University totes an international education due to its large student body and faculty from all over the world. It is spread over two campuses and over ten colleges. While being one of the top universities in the world, Oregon State University works with students to gain financial assistance. With offerings of undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees and certificates, OSU is a great place for all types of learners throughout their career. Not only can students attend full-time on-campus classes, but the University offers many of its degrees online.

Through Oregon State University’s online degree program, students may obtain their Master of Counseling in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. It is a part-time, online 90 credit course that works to build the correct practices for those looking to work in counseling. Upon completion, graduating students will be able to counsel in the state of Oregon and many others. Young professionals who are looking to make a difference in the lives of LGBTI individuals will receive the means to do so through this online master’s course. It takes an estimate of three and a half years to complete the program and obtain the degree.

The MBA in Organizational Leadership from the Oregon State University’s online degree program is the perfect asset for young professionals who want to work in leadership roles within LGBTI organizations like the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association or the Human Rights Campaign. Oregon State University’s MBA program has several tracks that are all beneficial to those wanting to work with business’ that offer services to LGBTI individuals. Most students complete the program within two and a half years while some qualify for a fast track of completion in under two years. Tuition for the program ranges from $34,000 to $60,000 depending on credit completion.

Online degree programs offer many professionals a way to obtain higher learning without having to stop their careers or lives to do it. This is why many universities and colleges are allowing their students the option to study and learn from anywhere in the world.



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