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Certified online course: United Nations Jobs Guide

There are many reasons to consider taking an online course on the United Nations. For one, the UN is a major player in international relations and its work affects virtually every country in the world. Understanding how the UN works and its impact on global affairs can help you make informed decisions in your own life and career.

In addition, the UN is a complex organization with a vast array of programs and activities. A course on the UN can give you a comprehensive overview of how it operates and what it does, as well as provide insights into specific areas that interest you.

The United Nations Jobs Guide is a course offered by Udemy that is directed at those who want a job at the United Nations. This course offers a guide to understanding the United Nations Careers Portal to allow you to locate the job you want, apply for it and prepare for the interviews and assessments that follow. In this course, you will learn how to use online search tools effectively; how to create a professional profile; and how to apply for a job at the United Nations.

By the end of the course, you will be able to complete successful interviews for the jobs that are advertised on the Inspira online platform and the United Nations Careers page as well as being able to pass the assessments needed.

The course will provide information such as an introduction to the United Nations careers using the United Nations Careers Portal and Inspira; the job application process; what jobs are available through Inspira; the pre-screening and eligibility information; how to search and apply for jobs; and how to successfully navigate the assessments and interview period.

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