Online course: United Nations Jobs Guide

United Nations Jobs Guide is an online course offered through Udemy. The class is for individuals who are hoping to obtain employment in any capacity at the United Nations. A self-paced class, the course can be started at any time and completed at a rate that is ideal for each student. There are no work experience or educational requirements to enroll. A $99.99 enrollment fee is assessed, and the class comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Students who enroll in United Nations Jobs Guide will receive lifetime access to two hours of video lectures, one supplemental article and six downloadable resources. At the start of the course, students will receive an introduction to United Nations careers and jobs mapping. The class then covers the Inspira system used to apply for jobs at the UN. The system teaches students how to search job openings in Inspiria and apply for jobs. Students will also learn about the application process, evaluation criteria and eligibility rules. Finally, the course concludes with an exploration of what assessments and interviews applicants can expect.

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