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10 NGOs in Australia


Opportunity International Australia

Opportunity International is an NGO that uses funds raised in Australia to provide support through loans, innovations and training in poor communities in developing countries and to empower families living there to achieve sustainable future.

The organization’s microfinance program currently provides loans for 5.6 million borrowers in the Philippines, India and Indonesia. This provides them not only with an opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty but also participate in community development services, such as nutrition training, domestic violence support and mitigating the child sex trafficking industry. The loan recipients are supported by the Opportunity International on a regular basis, not just when it comes to their repayments, but also on how their business is performing and other community issues.

Engineers Without Borders Australia

Engineers Without Borders Australia (EWB) is a community NGO established in 2003 with a vision of everyone having access to the engineering knowledge and resources to lead lives free from poverty. Its mission is to ‘’connect educate and empower people through human centered engineering’’.

The EWB’s goal is not only to contribute to an ongoing development projects but also expand experiences for engineers and engineering students since they have one of the central roles in building a sustainable future. The EWB’s community includes thousands of people and organizations that work together to engineer a better world and focus on developing skills, knowledge and appropriate engineering solutions.

Action on Poverty

Action on Poverty was established with a vision ‘’for all people to transcend injustice, indignity, and inequality of entrenched poverty’’.  Therefore, this NGO works with a mission of empowering change makers in local communities to break the cycle of poverty while focusing on evidence-based development.

Action on Poverty works by not only addressing the effects of poverty, but also the causes behind it and in this way it ensures that the benefits are shared equally amongst vulnerable groups such as women and ethnic minorities. The organization equips people with skills they need to be able to eradicate poverty in the long-term and closely works with other organizations to deliver culturally appropriate projects. It also mentors these organizations in areas such as policy and finances so they are able to drive local developments in the long-term.

Australian Doctors International

Australian Doctors International (ADI) is an NGO working with a commitment to uphold the universal right to healthcare. Together with its local partners, ADI provides and strengthens health services in remote and rural communities in developing countries.

ADI deploys volunteer health coordinators and doctors to work together with local governments, other health providers and private companies to assist rural communities in clinical services and educate them about public health and reduce the percentage of preventable diseases. ADI also works on increasing capacities of health workers to be able to deliver primary health services in their communities. ADI continues to be one of the leading NGOs in providing professional and quality primary health care to those who need it the most.

Transform Aid International

Transform Aid’s mission is to build partnerships to generate lasting solutions to global poverty and speak up against injustice and empower everyday Australians to do the same.

The organization implements community development projects and disaster relief in 18 countries together with 42 projects partners, who assist in addressing the root causes of poverty and provide families and their children with opportunities to lift themselves out of poverty. Transform Aid’s activities are mostly prominent when a disaster strikes because they help communities to respond, recover and rebuild, as well as prepare for events that are beyond their control. The organization works with a vision of a world free of poverty by creating long-lasting changes.

WaterAid Australia

According to WaterAid Australia, around 785 million do not have access to clean water near to their homes and around two billion people do not have a decent toilet of their own. Therefore, WaterAid Australis works on assisting underserved communities in three essential areas: clean water, improved sanitation and proper hygiene.

The organization works directly in local communities by harvesting rainwater and drilling wells to bring clean water to places where people work, live and go to schools. It also provides and installs decent toilets to promote good hygiene and helps people stay healthy and clean. WaterAid Australia works with local organizations and advocates for governments to change laws and connects policy makers to people on the ground.


Cufa is an Australian-based NGO committed to ending poverty across the Asia-Pacific. Its vision is ‘’for communities of the Asia Pacific region to be free from poverty through economic development and self-determination’’.

Cufa helps underserved communities through its grassroots programs such as education, finances, empowerment and entrepreneurship, to build better lives for themselves. By using donations and contributions, Cufa builds financial institutions, such as credit unions, in local communities to give an opportunity to the most disadvantaged people a safe place to save their money. People who use credit unions are able to learn literacy financial skills and how to handle their finances. Cufa supports them with the crucial business skills where they can start their own small business and lift themselves out of poverty.

Child and Family SA

Child and Family Focus SA (CAFFSA) is an NGO that represents services organizations across South Australia and acts in the interest of families and their children through programs such as Out of Home Care, Foster Care and Residential Care and Family Support.

CAFFSA advocates for the well-being of families and their children through public policy research to ensure that they have access to support and services they need. It promotes effective partnerships with agencies that pursue the same goals and works on achieving effective change to strengthen communities to improve the quality of life for children, families and young people, especially those include in the Out of Home Care programs.

Family Planning NSW

Family Planning NSW is an NGO that works to ensure that everyone has access to quality reproductive and sexual health by treating every person with dignity, respect and understanding and free to make their own choices.

The organization conducts research on clinical practice and produces handbooks on reproductive and sexual health for medical personnel. It also provides clinical service, education and health promotion in several cities in Australia. On an annual basis, the Family Planning NSW attends more than 28.000 clients at its clinics and conducts education courses with more than 1.200 professionals. It also provides free and non-judgmental telephone and e-mail information and service to all of those who need an advice.

Motivation Australia

Motivation Australia helps people with disabilities in developing countries and enables them to stay healthy and access assistive technology and rehabilitation from local service through trained staff.

Being a person with disabilities in a developing country and having no access to health services is particularly hard in developing countries. Therefore, by working with partner organizations, Motivation Australia helps underserved communities and people who live with disabilities and conditions such as diabetes, as well as older persons and other vulnerable groups. It supports local organizations by providing them with training, equipment, practical solutions, tools, resources and advocacy skills.


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