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5 Top Online Courses About NGO Project Management

If you’re interested in working with an NGO, or non-governmental organization, then you might want to consider pursuing a certification in project management. Project management courses can provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully manage projects within an NGO setting. Below are our top picks.

Project Management: The Basics for Success

Combining important aspects of Team Leadership and Project Management into one programme, the Basics for Success project management course will give you a further understanding of the requirements of leadership. The programme leans heavily on class engagement and reflection, to better equip you with being able to apply what you’ve learnt in a project environment.

Created by the University of California, the seminar was designed to get students thinking about the role of high performance leadership and teams, in a project management setting. Students are equipped to develop and strengthen their high performance teams and team members. They also learn about the project cycle and the various stages it goes through. The best practice to develop skills and competencies in planning is also touched on, as well as learning how to monitor and assess project activities.

The course consists of 4-8 hours of videos, quizzes and readings and is available in English, with subtitles in Vietnamese and Portuguese.

Construction Project Management

Learn about project planning and initiation in the Construction Project Management short course. The seminar was developed by Columbia University professor, Ibrahim Odeh, who gives a summary of the construction industry.

Joined by guest speakers, who touch on Lean Project Delivery methods as well as Lean Design Behaviors, Professor Odeh speaks about the importance of Project Development Cycle. He also discusses the fundamentals behind project scheduling and planning and talks about developing a Work Breakdown Structure.

The course is quite demanding, and students are required to commit up to 3-5 hours per week, for 5 weeks of study.

Guest speakers include Gregory Sauter, the President of Crossroads Advisory and Founder of Smart City Works Infrastructure Actuator and Christopher Toomey, Senior Vice President of AECOM Global Programs.

Engineering Project Management: Initiating and Planning

The Engineering Project Management course is designed to equip students to initiate, plan and manage a project, taking all stakeholders and relationships into consideration. Students will learn how to develop a project charter, organize their team and will be required to build a business case, as part of this project.

This hands-on course will have you preparing organization charts, writing a project charter and will have you preparing an organization chart, based on the information given in the case study. A Stakeholder Register will reveal the key parties to the project and will highlight areas of concern, teaching you how to manage expectations. Your Project Charter will also teach you how to provide your team with key guidance needed for the project.

The course was created by Rice University and comprises of 5 weeks of study (3-5 hours per week). The Rice Center for Engineering Leadership is a reputable and popular Registered Education Provider and learners who complete this course will be awarded 12 hours of Profession Development Units, recognized by PMI for continuing education,

Applied Project Management

Learn how to lead complex projects successfully and move into new career opportunities with the Applied Project Management course.

This flexible program is filled with practical training, virtual training sessions, feedback on projects and career coaching services. Students can expect to walk away knowing how to direct project initiations, plan accordingly and apply project management tools at any point of the project.

Students who pass the course and fulfill the educational requirements of the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential, will receive a University issued certificate and 12 academic credits. These credits can be used towards a degree, professional licensing or other professional needs, within the University of California umbrella.

Introduction to Project Management Principles and Practices Specialization

Designed to give you a strong working knowledge and understanding of project management and how to effectively manage work projects, this course is combines theory with practical training.

A rigorous, hands-on program, the course teaches you how to effectively manage your projects, within time, budget and resource constraints, with the end goal of giving the user the product they expected in the end. At the end of the course, the student is expected to be able to manage and identify product scope, create a project plan, build a work breakdown structure, define and allocate resources, create a project budget, manage the project development, understand the project procurement process and identify and manage risks involved.

Learners will be expected to complete a sequence of assignments and projects that will indicate their understanding of the work and whether they are able to apply it to their everyday business dealings. scovery that serves our local, national and global communities in many ways.