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NGO Internships in Kolkata

India is widely offering NGO internships for students and young people willing to offer their skills and knowledge and work with the people in need. Depending on the organization, there are different requirements and eligibility criteria for interns. Here are listed 10 NGO internships in Kolkata.

MAD – Make a Difference

MAD is a non-profit organization that mobilizes young leaders to ensure rightful outcomes for children from vulnerable groups and in need of urgent care and protection. The organization consists of a team that aims to change how both systems and families invest in children. MAD welcomes passionate individuals who love working with and for children, while there are different areas of work that interns can apply for. The academic support position is for those who wish to enable better academic outcomes by curating classroom experience for children. Foundations skills imply work with children from 10 to 13 years old to help them develop foundational skills like functional numeracy, literacy, and self-confidence. There is also an opportunity for those wishing to upgrade their skills in fundraising and help gather funds for the future of children in shelter homes in India. For more information about the application process, interested candidates should visit the official MAD website.


Bhumi is a youth volunteer non-profit organization founded in 2006 seeking to change society and build a better future for India by offering a platform to bridge the gap between the educated and the uneducated. The organization’s volunteers educate and mentor children from orphanages, slums and village community centers across the country. Bhumi offers internships at Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune throughout the year and during specific periods. Interns are offered a chance to work part-time or full time, while there is no remuneration or accommodation provided. A certificate at the end of the engagement is provided. Interested candidates should register by filling in the form and choosing an area of preference, such as HR, Public relations, Designing, Content writing, Training, Events, Photography, Marketing, Social media, Operations, and many others.

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Cry rights and You – CRY

Cry rights and You is an NGO that works in the field of child rights. Their mission is to enable people to take responsibility for deprived Indian children and motivate people to take individual and collective action so that children could realize their full potential. CRY offers internships and research fellowships. Research fellows are required to take both formal and informal approaches to explore the interplay of culture ethics and policies which are determining childhoods and they are welcome to interpret various themes for ensuring child rights. Regarding eligibility, applicants should be Indians residing in India and who are above 18 years, while knowledge of the English language is mandatory. CV and one writing sample must be included in the application. The duration of the fellowship is one year and up to 5 fellowships ranging from Rs.50, 000 to Rs.1 lakh will be awarded. Internships are available to applicants wishing to support funding of the CRY projects, shape government policy or mold the values of a new generation of Indians. To know more about the open positions, interested candidates can write to careers@crymail.org.

AGED (Association For The Growth Of Elderly And Deprived)

AGED is a trust that works on the welfare and well-being of senior and elderly people who are deprived of necessities. The team is focused on bringing health, happiness, fun, entertainment, well-being, medication and fresh energy in the life of those who had given their all to shape the current society. Intern’s daily responsibilities include meetings with schools and company HR personnel to explain the objective of the trust, meeting residential complex managing groups and educating them on how to participate in the AGED projects and inviting professionals and company owners to participate and share the goals of the trust. More information about the application process can be found on the website.

Responsible Charity

Responsible Charity is a non-profit organization that works in the area of education, Planned Parenthood and self-employment with a vision to create a new model for people. The organization welcomes volunteers and interns who speak Bengali and Hindi and are residing in Kolkata. To engage in the work of classes and workshops, applicants should be local and certifies professionals. The minimum period of an internship is four months during which time interns will be assigned one to four days of the week for 2-3 hour sessions, depending on the requirements of a program. Certificate of participation is issued to interns who complete the minimum required period and whose performance and attendance has been satisfactory.

Help Age India 

Help Age India is one of the leading charity organizations in India, set up in 1978 and working with and for disadvantaged elderly with the aim is to serve their needs holistically, enabling them to live active, dignified and healthier lives. The organization advocates for elderly needs in the areas of Universal Pension, quality healthcare, action against Elder Abuse and furthermore advocates for elder-friendly policies and their implementation thereof. Help Age India declares itself as a professional national organization that values experience and talent and therefore invites interested individuals to join their team and contribute towards the lives of the elderly. Interns and volunteers play big roles and professionals, students, the retired, or the serving, are welcome to help in carrying out our Programs or Advocacy work of the organization.


MUKTI is an Indian non-profit organization based in Kolkata and devoted to the areas of Education, Health, Livelihood, Environmental Economy and organic farming. Their team consists of enthusiastic and highly dedicated professionals who hold a strong educational background and therefore seek interns with competence and skills who can contribute to the work of MUKTI. Depending on the area of interest, applicants can apply for the following areas of work: Content writing, website work, conduct training, teaching, project execution, project proposal, fund-raising, non-profit strategy, and others. For more information regarding the application process, please visit the official website of the organization.

Aim India Foundation

Aim India Foundation is a famous NGO that is committed to building sustainable, healthy and productive communities in India and wants to raise the standard of living of underprivileged social groups through education, health, and economic liberty. The main vision that the organization follows is the improvement of the lives of poor people by the establishment of cooperation between the public, private and civil sectors. Internships in Aim India Foundation are usually conducted during the holidays or as a part of a university degree and they are fix-termed. Interns are usually given tasks to complete during their commitment and at times, form part of the projects, presentations, and ventures of the organization. Interns can expect valuable experience by working with Aim India Foundation, as the organization has health, education, community development project placements. National and international students are welcome to apply as well as gap year travelers and career breakers from around the world who want to come and offer their knowledge and skills. To apply interested applicants should visit the website, fill in and submit the internship form.

Adore India

Adore India is a recognized non-profit organization that is located in over 30 cities including Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ambala, Chennai, Pune, Ahmadabad and others. The main goal is to motivate young people to identify and undertake positive and valuable activities for a better society in India. Adore India is are a voluntary network of University students and professionals who throughout different activities and programs interrelate with students so that they grow and flair as a successful and countable professional in the arena of their career, emerge as aware and responsible citizens and better human beings. These activities include work in areas such as cleanliness, soft skills, Career Orientation, Self-development, and many others. During their internship, students will be able to learn to execute a program that will motivate others and to put in practice authored communication materials. Both Indian and international students are invited to apply and participate in the organization’s activities.


SHARP is a non-government organization working in the area of a preventative health program for school children and the Indian community. The main goal is to raise awareness and address the health concerns of children in school by conducting regular health checkups, health awareness sessions and digitizing the health record of each person and making it available online. This is done through the cooperation with a panel of network hospitals to which a child is referred in case of ailments. SHARP invites people with skills and knowledge to join their team as a part-time worker or an intern. Responsibilities of the selected candidates include hosting sessions of the Teachers Capacity Building Program and Conserve my Planet Program in schools. To apply, candidates should fill in the form available under the “Career with us” section on the website and insert their name, email, background, area of interest and experience.