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5 NGO Funding Agencies You Should Know

Finding the right agency to fund your non-profit can be quite a task. A number of donor agencies offer smaller micro-grants for any amount below $50,000. These are usually one-time funding opportunities, since donors would release the bulk of the money in one go.

NGO’s are required to submit a concise annual report at the end of the fiscal to provide information with regards to how the cash donation was spent.

Asia Foundation Grant

Committed to improving lives across Asia, the Asia Foundation is an international development organization with offices in 18 countries. With more than 6 decades of experience and local expertise in its repertoire, the foundation serves organizations who share one of the following programming interests: Women’s Political Participation, Governance and Law, Regional Relations and Economic Reform and Development. If your project falls in the scope of the organization’s programs schedule, it qualifies for financial backing from the Grant. However, Grants are never paid out to individuals, only registered organizations.  The Asia Foundation strives to address and transform critical areas and issues that affect Asia in the 21st century.

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Canadian Government Grants and Loans

With over 900 programs that offer low cost grants and loans to the citizens of Canada, the Canadian Government provides business financing for various types of NGO foundations. At Municipal, Provincial and Federal levels, the estimated annual expenditure for Grants and Loans exceeds $90,000,000,000. Publicly funded programs are put in place to help the Canadian economy, by funding small businesses. There are, however, extremely strict requirements put in place, to aid with maintaining and controlling the use of funds. Government loans are available to provide cash advances or loan guarantees that will help you secure third-party financing. You are also able to fund your small business with tax refunds and credits, equity investments and wage subsidies. There is a free list of federal and regional public funding options on the Canada Business Network website.

Cottonwood Foundation

Tax-exempt charity, Cottonwood Foundation, provides smaller Grants to grassroots organizations, across the globe. The Foundation is run by unpaid volunteers, with a passion to see people across the world working together for a sustainable future. Awards are granted to organizations that tick all the following boxes: They protect the environment, they empower people to meet basic needs, they promote cultural diversity and they rely on volunteers to get the job done. To date, the Foundation has awarded Grants totaling more than $685 000, and supports projects in more than 50 countries. More than 711Grants have been distributed since the Foundation’s inception in 1992. The Foundation only awards grants to United States-based organizations and does not accept unsolicited applications.

The European Union

NGO’s working in various fields can obtain funding from the European Union. About 80% of EU funding for NGO’s are maintained and distributed by the EU countries themselves. Each country has specific requirements and application procedures that must be adhered to. These are available on the relevant website of each country. The rest of the Grants are managed by the Commission or the other EU bodies. Funding is available to young people, researchers, public bodies, farmers and NGOs. Some of the funding opportunities available are for the following fields: Social inclusion, Gender equality, Equal opportunities, Culture and media, Foster citizenship, Civic participation, Research and innovation, Development and humanitarian aid, Transport, energy and ICT. NGO funding is also available for NGO’s interested in the Consumers, Health and Food sector.


DGMT is a South African-based Foundation that has been built on the endowments of founders, Douglas George Murray and wife, Eleanor. The organization has a strict policy and only works with organizations that are determined to alleviate 10 areas of concern, within the country, as per the DGMT blueprint. The core focus of DGMT’s work is to foster human development, through education and the equal distribution of opportunities. The organization sees itself as a public innovator and strategic investor, with a passion to effect real change in the country. DGMT will not fund projects outside of South Africa or organizations that do not carry out public benefit activities. There are no bursaries available for individuals or for organizations that are focused on infrastructure and vehicle expenses. DGMT does not offer funding for conferences, schools, ECD centers and drop-in centers. Applicants are required to complete an innovation pitch, detailing a fresh idea that will serve towards building community pride. There is also an opportunity to apply for an Organizational Strengthening Grant, which will require you to complete a self-diagnostic test as part of the application.