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LGBTI individuals are a part of the global community and there are many organizations working within various countries and regions around the world to connect that community. Working with these organizations and benefitting from them, LGBTI citizens access services through them at every stage of their life from school age children to the last stages of their life. There are several companies, organizations, and nonprofits around the world that specifically work with the LGBTI global community to provide various services that protect, recognize, and assist them. They are located in countries like England, America, South America, Turkey, Italy, and Ireland. Many of these organizations offer assistance with housing, amnesty, immigration status and other issues, and volunteer positions for those who want to do more for their community.

AFS Intercultural Programs hosts study abroad and student hosting for international students. More than fifty nonprofit organizations across the world independently build these programs to assist in multicultural learning for educators and students. They allow young and working professionals to gain an international education while having a great time abroad meeting new people and diving into different cultures. AFS looks to provide their volunteers, workers, students, host families, and educators the opportunity to grow into the modern world that is constantly becoming more multicultural.

A part of AFS’s mission is to include more LGBTI members into its organization to allow for all their members to experience a wider view of the world. They encourage LGBTI families to become host families to international students traveling and learning within their countries. LGBTI educators are welcome within the organization to help foster a deeper multicultural education for the students within the program. Students participating in the programs who identify as LGBTI have the space to be themselves in an organization that fights for their inclusivity on a global scale.

OutRight Action International supports LGBTI individuals in four global regions across the world. They work with Asian countries to help educate people on issues affecting the LGBTI community and teaches them how to accept and work with LGBTI individuals to better their living conditions. While providing resources to aid acceptance of LGBTI citizens within Asian countries, OutRight researches into the regions and provide reports that address LGBTI topics and issues faced within the countries they work with.

OutRight also works with Middle Eastern and North African countries, focusing in on LGBTI issues faced by people in Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. Reporting on events, issues, and civil rights violations happening within the region, OutRight works to give individuals who identify as LGBTI a voice in places where their governments are trying to silence them. The Caribbean is the fourth global sector that they work with to support LGBTI citizens within the Caribbean region. OutRight supports LGBTI organizations and fights against violence toward and within the community.

Not only does the organization work within these regions to support LGBTI people, but they take things a step further and advocate at the United Nations for issues affecting LGBTI individuals around the planet. OutRight fights for LGBTI rights on many different issues, including safety and security, criminal injustices, privacy and family matters, and legal discrimination. They are advocates for change in the treatment of LGBTI people everywhere. For young LGBTI professionals interested in OutRight, they offer jobs and internships on a rolling basis through their website.

ILGA, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, supports over a hundred countries and LGBTI communities. Their purpose is to fight for LGBTI civil rights violations across the world. They support individuals in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, and Oceania regions by having bases and sections of their organization working within these regions to provide support to LGBTI citizens. Within their organization, they reach out to other LGBTI organizations to assist them in providing better support to their members.

The Pan Africa section of ILGA works to protect and support the rights of LGBTI individuals within such African regions like Cameroon, Kenya, Guinea, Ghana, Tunisia, Uganda, Swaziland, Ethiopia, Namibia, Sierra Leone, and many others. A lot of what they do is provide events and coverage to better strengthen their communities. With strong connections, ILGA-Pan Africa can continue fighting the injustices that their community faces. They document and research issues affecting the African LGBTI community to allow for accurate coverage and reports about the conditions within the region.

The Asia section of ILGA provides support for LGBTI citizens within some of the following regions: Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Pakistan, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Maldives, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon. Their reach within these Asian countries and many others is far reaching and includes the United Nations. They host a regional conference every other year to speak on and address issues that their communities are facing in their represented regions. Through their organization, LGBTI Asian citizens can receive human rights training and have access to supporting others within their global community.

The European branch of ILGA comprises more than fifty regions including Albania, Cyprus, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, Turkmenistan, the United Kingdom, Serbia, Liechtenstein, Romania, and San Marino. They work to end discrimination that LGBTI people suffer when it comes to society and legal matters. Working with various international and nonprofit organizations within European countries, ILGA-Europe establishes standards for the rights of LGBTI people.

ILGA provides support for Latin American and Caribbean LGBTI citizens who live in Venezuela, Honduras, Jamaica, Colombia, Brazil, Barbuda, Grenada, Guyana, Mexico, Nicaragua, Tobago, and over a dozen more. They connect originations to foster an ever-growing community support network for Latin Americans and people who live in the Caribbean that identify as LGBTI. Training, events, internships, and careers are offered to members and candidates of ILGA-Latin Americana and the Caribbean.

ILGA-North America is a new addition to the ILGA family and will provide assistance for LGBTI individuals in Canada and the United States. They were inducted in 2018 and are beginning to offer support through their page via direct messages.

ILGA-Oceania works in the Oceanic regions of Australia, Fiji, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Aotearoa New Zealand, and others. They fight to end discrimination faced by the LGBTI Oceanic communities by providing resources, training, events, and converge of major issues facing the community. Like other organizations within the ILGA family, ILGA-Oceania connects local, regional, and international companies together to provide a large network and base for their members to work from.

The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex youth and student organization, IGLYO, is an organization that supports international students and children get training and education to make them into better leaders in the future. Their mission is to widen the scope of inclusivity in schools and other organizations that affect LGBTI youth. Through events, activities, and training, they help to foster the confidence of LGBTI student activists who want to grow into role models for other LGBTI youths in their schools and communities.

Through their website, individuals have access to the resources that IGLYO offers to its members. There are downloadable pamphlets and booklets focusing on such topics as raising intersex youth, educational reports, and information on how to handle homophobic bullying. IGLYO also provides visitors with informative videos aligned to support their mission of inclusive education and a European community that knows how to address the issues of its LGBTI community.

Increse the International Centre for Sexual Reproductive Rights focuses their efforts in promoting the acceptance of sexual education and the awareness of LGBTI people in Africa. Increse has discovered a wide fear plaguing many Africans when it comes to being open about their sexuality or coming out and living their lives. Through outreach programs that provide education and awareness to LGBTI people, Increse strives to not only work toward building inclusivity among African communities, but also works to promote safe sexual behaviors and shine light on sexual and domestic abuse issues.

Sexual reproductive rights are Increse’s main focus and LGBTI issues will fall under their umbrella of work due to the stigmata facing LGBTI individuals and the lack of information and education that is offered to them. Their organization is open and actively seeking more members, volunteers, and workers to assist in their efforts to make Africa a better place for sexual reproductive rights and LGBTI individuals. They have partners that allow them to reach a wider audience of Africans such as the International Women’s Health Coalition, Dreilinden, and Tides.

Durban Lesbian and Gay Community and Health Centre is an organization working out of Durban that trains, educates, and empowers LGBTI people within the Durban community. At their centre, visitors and members can read and find shelter while benefiting from the organizations many resources. With their aids that they offer to LGBTI individuals, the Durban Centre offers education on HIV and AIDS which includes testing for other sexually transmitted infections and offer assistance on finding legal counseling.

Their website offers resource for Africans like an informative newsletter and blog with articles related to LGBTI Africans. The centre is always open to volunteers contributing to the mission by filling out the online volunteer form that the website provides. They are looking for people who can type, offer legal research skills, translate, clean, facilitate workshops, and perform many other tasks for the people who visit the centre looking for services. If you are an LGBTI friendly business or service provider within the community of Durban, the centre allows you to list on their site for free.

OUT is a South African organization that offers support to LGBTI individuals and sex workers by providing health services like counselling, treatment, and testing to assist people within those communities lead successful lives. They’ve partnered with health facilities and designers to build and foster a community of openness through websites and accessible care. Within their facility, visitors and members have the option to seek out free mental health services and pick up safe sex supplies that the centre has available.

OUT has been active in the community since 1994, providing services that have helped HIV and AIDS positive or at risk LGBTI individuals. Their mental health support includes online, over the phone, and in person counselling through their offices and websites (for men and for women). They welcome volunteers who are looking to be leaders within their community as peer educators. Research is a large part of what OUT does to ensure LGBTI issues are reported and available to the public.

The European Parliament’s LGBTI Intergroup is a section of the European Union that operates within the Union to report on and observe the actions of the EU in regard to LGBTI rights. They work to ensure that LGBTI individuals and their issues are addressed by the EU while providing access to members of the community by doing outreach and communication services for the citizens that the EU represents. The group holds over one hundred members from over a dozen countries that work to make sure LGBTI citizens are being properly represented within their union.

It is the largest intergroup within the European Parliament. The group is composed of over a hundred members from different political groups. Countries like Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Ireland, Romania, and many others are represented within the intergroup. They pursue their mission by organizing meetings, sometimes with the public, that address LGBTI issues and ask direct questions to keep the dialogue open within the parliament. Their presence can be felt at European pride marches where they work with security to assist in addressing safety concerns.

Homosexuelle Initiative Wien is Austria’s LGBTI organization that advocates for the rights and inclusion of citizens that are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and/or intersex. Their mission is to provide LGBTI individuals with services that allow them to be seen and represented by their community. They offer events such as movie nights, meet-ups, and dance clubs. Some of the big events that they host are LAMDA News, the Rainbow Ball, and the Rainbow Parade. They have headquarters in Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, and Vienna that work independently from each other but still up hold the mission of the organization. Each chapter has made significant advancements in the rights of LGBTI people who live within Austria.

Kontra supports lesbians within the LGBTI community of Croatia by helping them gain legal support and other services. Through the work they do with various organizations, Kontra aims to bring a wider audience to the acceptance of Croatian lesbians. It is a partner of ILGA and offers services through that organization to reach the end goal of bringing equality to all women regardless of sexual orientation. Their website has contact information for all of their services.

Seta is Finland’s human rights organization that works to raise the rights of all of its citizens but especially those who face everyday hurdles in Finland like the LGBTI community. They advocate within Finland through partnerships from around the world that work within the human rights sector. While aiming to uphold political leaders accountable for their actions and standing when it comes to LGBTI human rights violations, SETA remains a nongovernment organization. Their home office is stationed in West Pasila, Helsinki.

The organization works with the youths of the community to offer them a diverse education that has a cornerstone in the acceptance and inclusion of LGBTI people. More than just assisting gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender, and intersex people in Finland, they want to offer support to all diverse peoples no matter their language, cultural, or ethnic background. Through their organization people can receive peer support, sexual health services, intersex support, family services, and many more.

Lesbien-und Schwulenverbond, LSVD, is the lesbian and gay association of Germany, though it is active throughout Europe and the rest of the world. It is the largest LGBTI organization in Germany based in Cologne. They work to ensure LGBTI lifestyles and people are represented and accepted in the public space. Due to their long standing in the community, LSVD has been able to accomplish many feats like the Life Partnership Act of 2001. Together with other European organizations, they promote intercultural services to all individuals.

More than fifty companies and organizations combine to form the organization’s large network. Unlike a lot of LGBTI organizations, LSVD is a government affiliated group that is a part of the ILGA family. They do research that dives into the lives and issues of LGBTI people in Germany which you can find on their website; if you live within Germany and would be interested in being a part of a survey they also have studies posted on their site that people can take. There are also helpful frequently asked questions for people who are new to the issues of the LGBTI community.

The Ecumenical Working Group of Homosexuals and Church, HuK, is a religious LGBTI group in Europe. They strive for an inclusive community for Christian LGBTI individuals, equal rights, and recognition within the Church. HuK hosts several LGBTI events that bring together and bridge the gap between the Church and LGBTI individuals. Their organization is open to members who want to help them in their mission. A three-day conference is hosted in the Spring and Autumn where anyone is invited to participate in their communion around a central topic and celebrations.

Huk-Info is their magazine that is released three times a year that focuses on news relevant to their community and readership. With resources like reading material; links to other organizations benefiting the LGBTI community; documentaries that address concerns of Christian LGBTI people living within Europe; and online free consultation, their website is a plethora of resources for LGBTI Europeans. They work toward a continued open dialogue about LGBTI people and issues with clergy officials and bishops that will one day deliver a better living experience for homosexuals.

Government and nonprofit organizations all over the world are supporting LGBTI people on a global scale that reaches across borders. These places are beneficial to civil rights advancement everywhere and for everyone. If you are an LGBTI young professional looking to help out within your community and join a large network of others like yourself, reach out to the programs within your community and listed here in this article.


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