Learn how to get contracts or a job at the United Nations

The Learn How to Get Contracts or a Job at the United Nations course is designed to optimize your chances at landing a long-term position with the United Nations. It will teach students to target opportunities that have the least amount of candidates and the ability to pass the assessments and interviews to earn a hiring contract. The course equips you with a wide range of knowledge regarding the United Nations recruitment process to increase your chances of getting a high paying job with the United Nations for a long period of time.

In this course, you will learn how to understand each aspect of the different careers within the United Nations; how they recruit new employees; how to research and find the jobs that are best for you; how to change your resume for every application to get noticed; how to prepare for your competitive assessment; and gain understanding of the goals of the Recruitment Panel to get ready for the competency interview. Nothing is required to take this course as it begins at the introductory level.

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