International and Cross-Cultural Negotiation

International and Cross-Cultural Negotiation is an online course offered by the ESSEC Business School, which has branches in Singapore; Paris, France; and Brussels, Belgium. The course is intended for individuals with some background in negotiation who want to improve their skills and become more effective when negotiating with people from different cultural backgrounds. Lawyers, managers, students and public officials will all find the course material beneficial.

An intermediate course, the International and Cross-Cultural Negotiation requires either previous work experience with negotiation or previous enrollment in a beginner’s level negotiating course. The class is taught in English through videos and supplemental readings. Students will spend 4 weeks moving through the modules.

During the first module, students learn how cultural background impacts negotiation and will learn how cultural differences impact perceptions of risk, authority, time and other dimensions that influence negotiations. The unit includes four quizzes and takes 1 hour to complete. During the second week, students learn how culture comes into play with the process of a negotiation. Three practice quizzes and a graded final quiz are given during the 1-hour module.

In the third week, students learn the relationship between culture and the people aspect of negotiation. The unit requires a 1-hour time commitment and includes a graded final quiz. In the fourth week, students study specific examples of culture influencing the process and outcome of negotiations. Students will take a final graded quiz and complete a graded negotiation self-assessment. The final module takes 3 to 4 to complete.

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