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Top 4 free Environmental Management courses

Global Environmental Management

Global Environmental Management is a free online course offered by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Through this five-week course, students will learn about the various ways that the national, regional and international governmental organizations are approaching environmental management. The class lasts for five weeks and includes five video modules: Global Trends, Environmental Management, Utility Management, Technologies for the Built Environment and Other Technologies:  Sustainable Soil Management, Groundwater Protection Methods and Integrated Water Resources Management. To successfully complete the course and master the covered material, students will need to commit roughly 7 to 9 hours of study time to the coursework on a weekly basis.

Environmental Challenges: Justice in Natural Resource Management

Environmental Challenges: Justice in Natural Resource Management is a free online course offered by the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. The class is open to everyone with an interest in justice and environmental decision-making regardless of previous education and work experience. During the class, students will earn about three different aspects of justice and how they are applied to natural resource management. The course lasts for three weeks with each week devoted to one of the aspects of justice. Individuals who work in environmental management can receive credit for professional development education at the end of the class, provided they pay a fee for a certificate of completion.

Environmental Management & Ethics

Environmental Management & Ethics is free online course offered by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The class is intended for individuals who are decision makers in environmental management settings or who hope to one day work in positions that will allow them to make key environmental management decisions. Lasting for six weeks, the class includes the following video modules: Environmental ethics; Environmental management of wicked problems; Decision-support tools; and Environmental regulation and principles. During the final week of the course, students will select an environmental ethical dilemma and develop a set of recommendations to address it.

Water Resources Management and Policy

Water Resources Management and Policy is a free online course offered by the University of Geneva in Switzerland. The class can be beneficial for anyone who has an interest in the water sector, regardless of educational and work-related experience. Lasting for five weeks, the course consists of the following video lecture modules: From Resource Definition to the Ideals of Community Management; The Rules of the Resource, their Uses and their Circumvention; From Integrated Water Resource Management to the Water-Food-Energy and Ecosystem Nexus; The Integrated Watershed Management (IWM); and Water as a Source of Conflict and Cooperation.

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