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With the welfare of the environment growing into a concern on a global scale, those seeking to start their career in environmental protection will find that many doors are open to them, not only on the home front, but including those overseas.

For those looking forward to getting started on a career solving issues concerning the environment, here are a few environmental agencies across the world offering entry-level jobs.

United States Environmental Protection Agency

The United States’ federal government’s independent agency for the protection of the environment and human health, the EPA offers many entry-level positions for recent graduates under the Pathways program.

The program, which lasts for a year, is open to those who have completed a qualifying degree or certificate from a qualifying educational institution and offers the possibility of term or permanent appointment.

Below are a few entry-level positions available:

  • Life Scientist/Environmental Engineer/Physical Scientist
  • Biologist/General Engineer/Physical Scientist/Chemist
  • Public Affairs Specialist
  • Biological Laboratory Technician
  • Program Analyst
  • Environmental Protection Specialist (Grants Project Officer)

For a full list of entry-level positions available at the EPA, go to www.epa.gov/careers.

Department of Environment and Energy (Australia)

The Australian Department of Environment and Energy, established in July 2016, designs and implements policies and programs intended to conserve and protect Australia’s environment, water, heritage. The Department also seeks to promote climate action and the efficient use of renewable energy.

The Department of Environment and Energy offers a 16-month entry-level graduate program open to Indigenous Australians, graduates living with disability, as well as graduates from all types of disciplines, who are willing to gain experience within the different areas of the Department. Graduates are mentored by executive staff and are paired with an ex-graduate buddy as they move through the program.

Click here to know more about the Graduate Program.

Environmental Investigation Agency

Investigating and campaigning against environmental crime and abuse is this UK-based international NGO’s raison d’être. Founded in 1984 by environmental activists Dave Currey, Jennifer Lonsdale, and Allan Thornton, EIA has consistently worked toward raising global awareness and inspiring action on various environmental issues, especially the climate, forests, ocean, and wildlife.

Some of EIA’s accomplishments include

  • pressuring Google to ban all ads for whale and ivory products
  • putting a Chinese-led illegal wildlife ring on the United States Treasury’s blacklist
  • developing an online training tool to help enforcers curb illegal ivory trade
  • publishing a report on illegal logging in Indonesia and Malaysia, which subsequently led their governments to take action

The EIA currently does not have any openings for entry-level jobs, but it welcomes volunteers who would like to help with campaign, fundraising, communication, and administration work.

European Environment Agency

The EEA is one of the forty or so decentralized agencies (as distinct from institutions) of the European Union, whose primary function is to provide sound, independent information on the environment to 33 member countries (including the EU states) and cooperating countries. It was established in 1994 and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The EEA is a major source of information to its member and coopering countries, specifically those tasked with developing, adopting, implementing, and evaluating environmental policies.

Additionally, aside from EU institutions, the EEA also serves the private sectors, in particular the business community, academe, and NGOs.

With its broad network of stakeholders, the EEA welcomes new graduates and those new to the labor force for its temporary and contract-agent assignments. These are mostly operational, management, and administration posts.

The agency also accepts trainees through the traineeship program of the European Commission, offered twice yearly for a period of five months. More information on this can be obtained from the European Commission’s official website.

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Naturvårdsverket, or the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, is the public agency responsible for proposing, crafting, and implementing Sweden’s environmental policies. Since its founding in 1967, it has contributed significantly to upholding Sweden’s reputation as one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable countries in the world.

The organization, which has offices in Stockholm and Östersund, has four departments, namely research and assessment, policy development, policy implementation, and operational support.

The Swedish EPA offers various work opportunities for recent graduates. Additionally, the Swedish EPA offers internships and summer jobs for students. Internships are also available to immigrants as an entry point to further opportunities in the labor market.

The full list of open positions can be accessed through the Swedish EPA’s official web site. (Note: The web site is in Swedish.)

Scottish Environment Protection Agency

Established in 1996 through the Environment Act of 1995, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Buidheann Dìon Àrainneachd na h-Alba in Scottish Gaelic) is an executive non-departmental public body of Scottish Government charged with the protection of Scotland’s natural environment and human health.

For those planning to build with the Scottish EPA, the agency offers diverse career options in environmental monitoring, environmental protection, policy and strategy, and administrative support. Additionally, the agency has a graduate trainee scheme in place, giving prospective and new graduates the opportunity to start their career in environmental regulation and protection with SEPA.

In addition, SEPA is one of the more employee-friendly government agencies on the list, offering flexible working arrangements, generous leave benefits, and relocation assistance (for select posts) to qualified candidates.

The full list of entry-level positions open at the SEPA can be checked out at https://www.sepa.org.uk/jobs/. More information on the agency’s Graduate Trainee Scheme may be found here.

New South Wales Environment Protection Authority

The NSW EPA, headquartered in Chatswood, Australia, is a 500-strong statutory authority established in February 2012. An independent governing board, it works alongside Australia’s Federal, State, and local governments in managing environmental issues, responding to pollution incidents, and enforcing environmental regulations for the New South Wales community.

At present, the NSW EPA has entry-level openings for Operations Officers for Riverina Far West Region and the Queanbeyan Forestry Branch and an Operations Assistant for Riverina and Murray.

The full list of jobs available at NSW EPA can be found here.

Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency

Managed by the Ministry of Climate Change (formerly Ministry of Environment, which was abolished in 2011), the Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) is one of Pakistan’s executive agencies primarily responsible for writing and enforcing regulations intended to protect human health and the environment.

Established in 1997 with headquarters in Islamabad, the Pak-EPA is the agency designated to implement Pakistan’s Environmental Protection Act of 1997.

Pak-EPA offers entry-level positions in various departments for its satellite offices in Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore, and Dera Ismail Khan, among others. For new graduates, applications are coursed through Pakistan’s civil service commission, the Education Testing and Evaluation Agency.

Previous and currently open entry-level positions at Pak-EPA include

  • junior analysts
  • laboratory assistant
  • polymer chemist
  • lab attendant
  • assistant analyst
  • junior scale stenographer

The full notice of available positions may be checked out at Pak-EPA’s official website.

Federal Office for the Environment (Switzerland)

One of the divisions under parent organization Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications, the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) is Switzerland’s environmental agency whose mission is to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources (oil, soil, water, and land).

Initially created in 1971 as the Federal Office for Environmental Protection, the FOEN’s primary responsibility is the protection against natural hazards and the safeguarding of human health and the environment

The FOEN is also responsible for implementing Switzerland’s environmental policies, particularly in the areas of climate protection, biodiversity conservation, and resource management.

The FOEN currently has a workforce of about 500 individuals and operates from its center of operations in Bern.

You can check out job vacancies (available in German, French, and Italian) at the FOEN here.

National Environment Agency (Singapore)

The National Environment Agency is Singapore’s leading public organization responsible for improving and sustaining its environment through initiatives and programs that protect the country’s resources and public health and provide meteorological information.

The NEA currently offers a 12-week internship program in several areas of work, including pollution control, waste management, meteorological services and climate research, and energy efficiency. This program is open to both Singaporeans and international students studying full-time at university. The full list of available projects for interns may be accessed here.

Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (United Arab Emirates)

Previously called the Ministry of Environment and Water, United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Climate Change and Environment was established in 2016 as an expansion of the perception of the value of the environment in the UAE’s overall development. The Ministry operates with the mission of working with partners in the public and private sectors to protect the environment, and preserve, develop, and invest UAE’s resources efficiently to ensure their sustainability.

Aside from climate change, areas of interest in the Ministry include biodiversity, air quality, marine environment and fisheries sustainability, wastes and chemicals, and ecotourism.

The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment is an equal-opportunity employer that welcomes applicants of all ages and genders. Additionally, the Ministry encourages continued growth and development in its employees through training courses. The Ministry operates from its main office in Dubai.

The list of open positions may be accessed here.


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