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Driving business towards the Sustainable Development Goals (Free online course)

Driving Business Towards the Sustainable Development Goals is a free online course offered by Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The class is intended for individuals who are interested in sustainable development and can be of particular use for those who work in sustainability officer roles or upper management at public and private companies. Anyone can enroll in the course, as there are no educational prerequisites or work experience requirements.

Students who enroll in Driving business towards the Sustainable Development Goals will receive access to 20 hours of video lectures. The class is broken down into seven modules, and students are expected to complete on module per week over a seven-week period. In addition to the video lectures, students will receive readings that supplement the course material. The instructor also gives quizzes to assess students’ mastery of the information covered. Students are also expected to participate in online discussions and to complete daily life challenges to make their own lives more sustainable. At the end of the course, students who pay a fee can receive a certificate of completion.

By the end of Driving Business Towards the Sustainable Development Goals, students will understand what the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are and why each one is important to the world. Students will also have a clear picture of the role that businesses can play in bringing these goals to fruition and will be ready to implement sustainability plans in line with the goals at their own companies. The class includes the following units: Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals; The Biosphere; Society I; Society II; Economy; Partnerships; and Systems thinking. During each unit, students will have a chance to see real world examples of the Sustainable Development Goals in action and to learn from a number of experts in the varying fields, including environmental science, finance and public policy.

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