Conflict Resolution Strategies: What is effective?

Conflict Resolution Strategies is an online course offered through Udemy. The class is geared toward individuals who need to enhance their leadership skills in order to succeed in the work place. As an introductory course, the class does not have any experience or educational requirements; enrollment is open to all. The cost of the course is $54.99. A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered by Udemy.

Students can opt to take Conflict Resolution Strategies as a standalone course or as a part of the Genius of Communication series offered by Udemy. The course includes an hour-long video with four mini lectures, six bonus clips, 12 charts and pictures and three practical exercises. Topics covered include: strategies for dealing with conflict, warning signs of conflict, creating boundaries in relationships, managing emotions, making natural reactions more effective, negotiation strategies, and identifying and overcoming destructive personality patterns. Those who enroll in the course will receive a certificate of completion and lifetime access to the course materials.

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