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As an LGBTI young professional or someone looking to work within any field that directly with people within the LGBTI community, there are countless career options where a well-trained applicant can make a very decent living while performing fulfilling work. To get to many of those career paths, everyone must start their journey in the ivory halls of universities and colleges. There are so many options out there for a student and learner to choose from that at times it can become confusing and overwhelming. Below is a list of the top bachelor’s degree programs that are optimal for international learners or those looking to receive a prestigious and affordable education.

Brown University is located in Providence, Rhode Island in the United States. It’s a large school on the East School nestled within a small city town. The school has several top-ranked athletic programs like basketball, football, golf, squash, soccer, ice hockey, and many more. One of the most unique things about the University is their open curriculum that allows students the ability to structure their own education around their passions while working toward their bachelor’s degrees. With a high price ticket for their tuition in the range of $70,000, Brown University offers very substantial financial aid and scholarship awards to their admitted students. All students who enter receive funding through scholarships, fellowships, financial aid, and loans.

Brown University offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education Studies through their prestigious Department of Education. The aim of the program and concentration is to add more of an inclusive and all-encompassing educational model to future teachers and educators. Instructors lead students through an examination of current education standards and how they help and hurt current k-12 public school students. While exploring current education systems, students will be challenged to discover and create no models that aim to equip future students with the correct tools to learn in the modern world. Students looking to pursue a career in education, must hold at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year university like Brown. Students who want to explore the dynamic intersection of LGBTI youth rights and education will gain experience and skills in this program that will assist them in receiving employment upon graduation. This is a strictly on-campus course that will end in students presenting an in-depth researched report.

The Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies is hosted by Brown University’s Development Studies Department that offers various programs for undergraduates and graduates who are interested in how different cultures and ethnic groups develop across the globe. Most of the classes in this concentration will focus on anthropological studies of the students chosen region and culture. Due to its social sciences framework, the program will also have students study such subjects as Political Science and Sociology. This four-year completely on-campus course requires students learn another language and complete a project that focuses in international developmental of a particular group of people. Studying how the LGBTI culture has grown and become more or less included in certain cultures is an option within this course for students who are interested in international LGBTI communities.

Choosing the Bachelor of Art in Anthropology is perfect for students wanting to develop their research and analyzing skills when it comes to studying certain groups and cultures throughout the world. This path is close to that of Brown University’s Development Studies with the main distinction being that the former program has a larger focus on international cultures and groups. The Anthropology Department’s undergraduate program in Anthology works to give students the skills to pursue careers in various fields working with nonprofits, universities, or government agencies. While the course offers a wide array of classes for students to choose from, they also allow students who want a more rigorous and direct path to their study in the form of their Engaged Scholars Program. LGBTI communities date back longer than a lot of sources would like to admit, so it is important for those studying Anthology to uncover those societies and cultures that would otherwise be left in the dust. This is a four-year program with no option for online learning.

Brown University’s Bachelor of Arts in Health and Human Biology is a four-year on-campus course offered to undergraduates who are interested in careers in the health services industry and a good major area of concentration for students who want to continue on to pursue a medical degree. The Biology Department at Brown University offers almost ten different core concentration courses for its admitted students. The Health and Human Biology path focuses on humanities topics and disease studies. Students are required to study within a theme that incorporates Social Sciences and Humanities course work that provides students with the information to handle medical and health issues in a more inclusive manner. Having a degree with a concentration in not only Health, but also Human Biology, will help students who want to work with LGBTI people who are interested in transitioning or dealing with issues within the health industry.

Brown University offers a four-year on-campus degree program that provides students with a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics. The concentration is through the University’s Department of Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences that works toward shaping young professionals and doing groundbreaking research in the areas of behavior and language. Students will study fundamental structures of language including phonetics, syntax, semantics, language acquisition, psycholinguistics, and neurolinguistics. This is a great path of study for people interested in working with transgender members of the LGBTI community in changing their speech patterns and developing certain vocal muscles during their transition.

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology is offered at Brown University for admitted students of the undergraduate class. It is a four-year, on-campus degree program that is also available for those seeking a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Brown University’s Department of Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences provides students with access to various labs, organizations, and resources for students studying one of the many concentrations that the department hosts. Students who chose this path can choose from lower-level and upper-level courses to complete their degrees with the option of joining an honors program. By the end of the course, students must submit an original piece of research related to their field. With a degree in psychology, students can go on to pursue careers in gender and sexual therapy that helps LGBTI people gain mental health services that are inclusive and knowledgeable.

The Social Analysis and Research Bachelor of Science degree that Brown University offers is a four-year on-campus program. It is an advanced course that involves a heavy study of statistics and data collection for the analysis of cultures, peoples, and society. Courses and electives in this concentration are hosted by the Department of Sociology that gives its students access to advanced research techniques and resources. Internships are available to students in nonprofit organizations that have partnerships with the University. LGBTI organizations that work to study the community and issues facing it through research and data collection look for young professionals that hold a degrees in this field.

Brown University’s Bachelor of Arts degree in Gender and Sexuality is hosted out of the school’s Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women. The center focuses on studying all genders and how they relate to various sectors of life. With courses that focus on History, Psychology, Applied Research, and Politics, this concentration path takes an interdisciplinary route to teaching its courses and classes. Choosing the concentration of Gender and Sexuality, is a field best suited for those who are interested in researching and examining how gender and sexuality shape the world around us. Graduates of this program have gone on to work in various careers and pursue advanced degrees in Queer Studies.

The Ohio State University is a large university located in America within the state of Ohio. With over a hundred countries represented and more than five thousand international students studying at the school, Ohio State University is a great university for international students looking for community. They offer online bachelor’s degrees through their medical school and other professional departments. Like many large public universities in America, OSU has many athletic and academic extracurricular activities to enrich on-campus students lives. With an estimated cost of around $40,000 for out-of-state students, OSU ranks as one of the more affordable undergraduate universities for learners seeking to gain their bachelor’s degree.

Ohio State University’s online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree allows distant learners the ability to study advanced health-related science subjects that puts students who graduate the ability to pursue a higher degree or enter the job field with the required knowledge and skills to succeed. OSU aims to be an affordable learning institute for international learners and people who are unable to attend their classes on-campus. Their tuition for online courses is roughly $20,000 dollars per year. Students may take this course as slow or fast as they want as long as they complete all requirements of the degree program. With a degree in this field, graduates can pursue health related careers that work directly with LGBTI individuals in hospitals or as case workers.

The Evergreen State College is a public liberal arts and sciences school located in America in the capital city of the state of Washington, Olympia. The public school offers a small school feel with large university course options. They build their courses around an interdisciplinary and collaborative program that allows students to study single courses that touch on a plethora of subjects. Through the completion of courses that add up to a total of one-hundred and eighty credits, students can graduate with degrees in science or liberal studies with an emphasis in the field that best represents their course of study while at the school. The Evergreen State College tuition rates range from $10,000 to $30,000 depending on how many credits the student completes.

The Evergreen State College offers a Community Studies emphasis for their Bachelor’s Degree of Liberal Arts. Due to Evergreen’s unique academic structure, students who choose this track of learning are able to choose from over twenty courses that offer an interdisciplinary learning experience. The classes for each year are subject to change since new courses are added every year to change with the developing world. One of the courses that the college offers for those looking to pursue a career in community development is a study abroad course that happens in the Spring. The course is in partnership with the Mondragon University in Spain. Students taking this course will learn how different communities, old and new, are adapting to the world around them. This is an on-campus and abroad course without an option for online learning. LGBTI community study is an option for this emphasis that allows students to work toward their degree with a deeper concentration in LGBTI communities.

The Bachelor’s Degree of Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Queer Studies from the Evergreen State College prepares students to work in academia, social work, health services, or continue on to pursue advanced degrees in more concentrated studies. The college offers interdisciplinary classes that last a quarter or two each that focuses on Media, History, Performance, and Writing and how LGBTI issues play into each. Evergreen offers a nighttime course that builds credit toward their Queer Studies degree that is a prelaw course with a concentration in LGBTI issues within the legal system: Introduction to Law from an LGBTTQ Perspective.

Princeton University is one of America’s top schools with an acceptance rate of below ten percent of applicants. Students looking to learn within these prestigious halls must have more than a great academic record, but also have extracurricular activities and projects that demonstrate what they can bring to the school and add to its student base. They offer bachelor’s degrees in arts, science, and engineering. The college is located in Princeton, New Jersey on the East Coast of the United States. It is not only a top-rated school for its academics and career prospects but is the number one school for international learners. With a cost of $53,000 for a year of study at the University, the school offers substantial aid packets so that over eighty percent of the graduating student body leaves debt free.

Princeton University offers a Bachelor’s of Art Degree in Politics that is one of the biggest, well-known programs in the world. Those who choose to study politics at Princeton are given the option and guidance to choose between three different tracks of study: Program in American Ideas and Institutions, Program in Political Economy, and the Program in Quantitative and Analytical Political Science. None of these tracks are required to receive the degree but are there for students who want a more focused study of politics. This on-campus course takes an average student four-years to complete. With a degree from Princeton in Politics, graduates can move on to pursuing a career as a politician that works within the LGBTI civil rights sector or works to enhance the rights of LGBTI people within their communities.

There are many affordable colleges out there that offer a renowned education for all types of learners, but there are few that are better than California State University of Los Angeles. With in-state tuition lower than $20,000 and out-of-state tuition beneath 30,000, the University is one of the top rated most affordable universities in North America. The University is a part of the larger California State University school system that has campuses in Long Beach, Fresno, San Jose, Bakersfield, Sonoma, and many more. It has a large student body of more than twenty thousand students and ranks within the top fifty of Best Colleges.

CSU-Los Angeles offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies that provides students with the skills they need to study and research the relationship between gender, sexuality, and society. While studying to gain their degree, students are able to apply for internships and work study opportunities. Classes within this program focus heavily on LGBTI history and political events. This is a fully on-campus course that is typically completed in four years. Career options for graduates with this degree include educators, therapist, and nonprofit workers.

The University of California Los Angeles’ Bachelor of Arts in History degree offers a large list of courses within the LGBTI field that allows students to study how queer culture and studies have changed over time. This is an on-campus only course that takes four-years to complete and many graduates move on to pursue careers as historians with nonprofits and government agencies. Many classes within this program focus their study on issues surrounding sexuality and gender in relation to politics and history in America.

Bachelor’s degrees are offered in many different fields and by over a thousand institutions worldwide. Many take four years to complete, but there are options out there for people who are looking to gain their degree in less time. Some of the colleges and universities offer an online option to their degree programs, but a lot aim to provide students with the full collegial experience of living and learning on-campus. With a degree from any of the schools, professionals will be awarded with more than a world class education, they will acquire the necessary skills to succeed in the world and at their career goals. Whether that’s working in the field of LGBTI issues or supporting LGBTI individuals within the community, degrees from these institutions in the areas listed would create the best groundwork for starting a successful career.


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