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Affordable schooling is the name of the game for many young professionals who want to advance their career and keep their school debt down. With so many higher learning institutions out there, there are tons of options for graduates. Those seeking to earn degrees in LGBTI related fields are in luck with these programs that offer affordable master’s degrees to students who want to work in schools, governments, nonprofits, and private corporations. Many degrees can be used to assist the LGBTI community at different stages and in a wide variety of areas like Social Work, Clinical Psychology, and Speech Pathology.

Widener University located in the historical American city Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a top ranked school offering undergraduate, graduate, professional, and doctoral degrees. There are two law schools associated with the University as well. Online master’s degrees in multiple areas are available to admitted students. Widener offers 97% of its students financial aid packages that help them afford the cost of learning at the University. Work study, internships, and scholarships are just some of the financial services that the school provides to its undergraduates and graduates.  International students will find the school’s 13:1 faculty to student ratio comforting, knowing that they will not be lost in the large university.

Widener University offers a Master of Education in Human Sexuality Studies hosted through the Center for Human Sexuality Studies. There are two different learning tracks that students may chose from: Sexuality Education and Sex Therapy. To study on the Sex Therapy track, students must possess or be in the process of obtaining a licensed mental health degree. Being a practitioner-level course aimed at professionals, the program has advanced coursework that helps prepare professionals to work with LGBTI individuals and communities.  The program has multiple focuses aimed at different professionals who work in the public policy and nonprofit sectors. This two-year, fully on-campus program has both full-time and part-time options.

The Ohio State University is located in the North American state of Ohio and spread across the state in multiple cities that house its various campuses. It offers several top ranked graduate programs and facilities across the state. The large university offers many degrees and certificates through its online university for students who require the freedom to learn on their own time. Tuition to the University ranges from $11,000 to $31,000 depending on residency, degree program, and campus location. It is ranked as one of the more affordable schools for students due to its low tuition and financial aid packages.

A Master of Arts in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies is offered through Ohio State University’s Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies. It is a two-year on campus program with no option for online learning. This is a unique program in that it will offer all admitted students full funding for two semesters that includes a living stipend. As an advanced degree course, this program aims to train its students for roles within public policy, media, and nonprofit agencies. Admitted students may choose from a number of minors to help prepare them for future jobs or advanced degrees.

University at Albany is a part of the wider and much larger university system that is the State University of New York higher education system. It is in Albany, New York the state’s capital, and is considered one of the top ten most beautiful campuses in the United States. Along with undergraduate and graduate degrees, the University offers online degree programs and professional certificates. Its ranked high in many categories including its athletics program. With tuition ranging from $4,000 to $15,000, it is one of the most affordable universities in the country.

The University of Albany offers a Master of Arts in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies that prepares its students for professional level work within their chosen fields. Admitted students have the option of pursuing dual degrees while studying. Tuition for the program is around $26,000 with dual degrees being more. There is not an online option for this degree program. Typically, students complete this program in two years. Students with this degree typically go on to pursue higher degrees in more focused fields of gender study or into leadership roles within organizations and companies.

California Institute of Integral Studies is a one of the kind higher learning university that offers many unique and one of a kind programs to undergraduates and graduates. The school is located within the United States in San Francisco, California. Bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD degrees are available online for people who require or desire the flexibility of online learning. Tuition to attend the University ranges depending on credits required to complete the degree program. Financial assistance is available to students in the form of scholarships, loans, fellowships, and more.

The California Institute of Integral Studies has a Master of Arts Expressive Arts Therapy degree with a concentration in Art Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Social Change. The course aims to take an artistic approach to assisting those who seek therapeutic help whether that be in family or individual environments. Graduates of the program will have completed all California state requirements for therapist and counselor licensure. Career opportunities with this degree include LGBTI counselors, school counselors, or family therapists. Typically, students completed this course in three years. This graduate program does not have an online option but does have a low residency option that allows students to primarily study online with a couple of on-campus visits throughout the semester.

The Master of Arts in Drama Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies is a unique professional degree that blends the creativity and freedom of theater and performance with the advanced study of clinical psychology. It is the only program of its type in the United States that also provides necessary skills for licensed practice. The course takes about two to three years to complete without an option for online course work and distance learning. This degree is perfect for professionals who want to work within the LGBTI community providing a groundbreaking therapeutic experience.

The Community Mental Health Master of Arts is a professional and graduate level program at the California Institute for Integral Studies that prepares students for licensure and careers as practicing mental health professionals within underrepresented communities. Many graduates have gone on to work within the LGBTI community as leaders and policy makers, as well as, therapists and counselors. Students can choose between a licensed or a master’s degree track, both take two and a half years. With a blended course load mixing online class work, weekend meetups, and a low residency approach, the Community Mental Health master’s program is great for professionals looking for flexibility.

Whether graduates possess a master’s in Clinical Therapy, Gender and Sexuality studies, or Educational Studies, they will be prepared to work with LGBTI individuals and communities with a degree from one of these tailored programs. Each is offered at an affordable price for international and out of state students. Some of these programs are fully funded and offer a stipend to admitted students and others have large financial aid packages provided by the universities. Taking a step toward obtaining an affordable master’s degree is an important step in achieving long term career goals.




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