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5 Conflict Resolution Resources You Can Download for Free


Whether you’re studying conflict resolution or a professional in the field, free resources can be useful for gaining knowledge, learning skills, and keeping up with current trends and research in your field. Below are five helpful sites where you can download and access free resources to advance your knowledge and skills in the area of conflict resolution.

Center for Humanitarian Dialogue Library Publications

The Center for Humanitarian Dialogue has been working for 20 years to promote peace and conflict resolution in over 25 countries around the world. Through their work, they strive to prevent, mitigate, and resolve armed conflict through dialogue and mediation. On their website, CHD has a library of reports and publications such as forum reports, studies on new practices, annual organization reports, and best practice reports. All of these are available for free for professionals and students in the field of conflict resolution.

United States Institute of Peace Academy

The United States Institute of Peace is an organization founded by the US Congress that works with local partners in conflict zones around the world to promote peace and end violent conflict. They provide training and empowerment for governments and civil society organizations to learn skills to resolve conflict within their own countries and communities. They also have an academy with free courses and downloadable resources available for anyone interested in gaining skills in conflict resolution and peacebuilding. One of their resources includes an online game you can play to practice your knowledge and skills in conflict resolution in situations based on real-life conflict.

Conflict Dynamics International Publications

Conflict Dynamics International works to resolve violent conflict and alleviate human suffering resulting from conflicts and crises in countries around the world. Currently, their peacebuilding work is primarily focused in Somalia, Somaliland, Sudan, South Sudan, and Syria. They support local actors impartially to help governments, citizens, organizations, and other groups with diverse interests work together to understand and accommodate each other’s interests and needs. They also are conducting innovative work relating to the issues of gender equity, political and economic cooperation, and Islam and political accommodation. They produce publications highlighting their in-country work, research, and innovative solutions, available for free on their website. Many of these resources are guides for practitioners in the field to learn and gain information from.

Interpeace Reports and Publications

Interpeace is an international peacebuilding organization that works with partners in countries around the world to build capacity for local actors to lead conflict resolution initiatives. Their programs ensure inclusivity with all important groups, especially marginalized and vulnerable voices in the countries in which they work. They also hold a peacebuilding advisory team and conducted a two-year framework building program, where they conducted research to better understand what makes peacebuilding efforts successful. Their website includes multiple reports and resources available for interested practitioners, professionals, researchers, and students to download. These publications and annual reports highlight the work their organization does, as well as case studies, best practices, research results, and more.

swisspeace Research Publications

swisspeace is a peace research institute aiming to contribute to the practice of conflict resolution and prevent future violent conflicts. They analyze conflicts and conduct research on peacebuilding and conflict to produce and share innovative solutions for organizations and peace practitioners to put into place. They also advise other actors in their peacebuilding activities, as well as provide spaces for dialogue and learning. As part of their work and sharing their resources, they provide free access to their publications and reports on their website. Professionals and students in the field of conflict resolution can learn from swisspeace’s work and research to build better peacebuilding programs and implement innovative solutions to violent conflict.


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Disclosure: Global Peace Careers may be compensated by course providers.