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3 ways to increase your study budget

With only a few masters programs available without tuition fee and the scarce amount of paid internships in the field, financial survival while studying can become a real burden. If you aren’t lucky enough to obtain a scholarship, which could cover your tuition fee, there are other ways that can contribute to your monthly income.

Given that you invest a reasonable amount of time, the income you can generate from the ideas listed below can realistically range from paying your daily food expenses up to your monthly rent or even more.

The opportunities listed below are chosen to accommodate student life, which means that you will choose the amount of time you are willing to invest and consequently define the amount of income. The listed platforms are credible and offer reliable pay outs.

  1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform where everyone can offer a service starting from 5$. The registration is simple and you can start selling immediately. While you can offer services for several $100 as well, keep in mind that most people visiting the platform expect to pay only 5$ for a service. Does not sound like much, mmh? Right. But what if the service you offer is as simple as uploading a file, making a shout out on your blog or recording a 30 seconds voice over? If you intend to increase your income through Fiverr make sure any service you offer does not take you longer than a few minutes.

  1. Upwork

Upwork is a platform for freelancers, who offer writing, translation and other services. To get started you need to setup your account, create a profile and outline your qualifications, which will require a similar time amount as a job application. Several optional language or writing tests will help you to increase your credibility and consequently increase the chances to get hired. On Upwork you can find employers in almost any niche, including human rights. If you enjoy writing, Upwork might be a great way to increase your monthly income.

  1. Grin Publishing

Many students are writing dozens of academic papers during their studies. Some student papers are highly qualitative and end up in the drawer after the lecturer read them. What a waste. Grin Publishing is offering students the opportunity to sell their papers for a one-time fee or a percentage of each sale. The paper will be published under your name and distributed to several online book stores, where buyers can purchase your academic paper in print or e-book version. You will be notified via email whenever someone purchased one of your papers. The big downside of Grin Publishing is that the pay outs are quarterly.

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