10 courses to help make a positive impact in the world

Many of us begin working in human rights simply because we want to be part of an overall push towards significant social change. But that desire can lead us to question which courses can truly help us transition into a more meaningful career field. In this article we will highlight ten courses that are designed to help you make a more positive impact in the world.

Foundations of Global Health Specialization
This course aims to help you improve the lives of others by teaching you the basics about humanitarian programming. Whether your interests lie in the planning stages of humanitarian programs, the process of implementing the programs, or performing evaluations on the programs, the course offers you important information about how to save lives through your involvement in humanitarian programs. If you’ve thought about beginning a career in global health programming, this entry level course offers you a flexible online schedule that allows you to learn about the building blocks of program planning. The course covers humanitarian planning for both humanitarian crises and economic humanitarian crises related to low-income and middle-income areas.

Globalization, Economic Growth, and Stability Specialization
A major concern for those of us interested in human rights work is the ability to turn our ability to help into practical tools. The goal of this course is to instruct students in how to use economic knowledge in a practical way to navigate through the global market. While economic concepts can be difficult to understand, this course is designed to increase the accessibility of intermediate level economic concepts. During this four month course, you will explore macroeconomics, governmental fiscal policy, the ways that monetary policy influences growth, employment and inflation. You will also discuss international economic principles, such as exchange rates and free trade. Practical knowledge about the risks and benefits of business deals will be discussed and will help you make decisions in personal investment and in the workplace.

Social Entrepreneurship Specialization
Have you ever dreamed of using your human rights career as a vehicle to use social problems as a way to engineer change. This beginner level course will take five months to complete. During this time, you will be introduced to already thriving examples of social entrepreneurship. You will also learn the processes involved in forming a platform to address social problems or environmental problems. A true focus is placed upon the importance of forming teams in order to study environmental or social problems. During the course, you will learn how to establish frameworks, support teamwork, develop your idea, and execute your business plan in order to fully develop your Social Entrepreneurship.

Methods and Statistics in Social Sciences Specialization
This nine-month long specialization places an emphasis upon the importance of distinguishing between good research and poor science. You’ll also be given the opportunity to hone your data analysis skills. Five major courses are covered in this specialization: quantitative methods, qualitative research methods, basic statistics, inferential statistics, and methods and statistics in social science.

Improving Leadership and Governance in Nonprofit Organization
Although a beginner level specialization, this series of courses will take 5 months to complete and will cover three courses. During these courses, you will be introduced to the following aspects of nonprofits: organizations, leadership, governance, boards of directors, and the effectiveness of the leadership processes. Working in human rights organizations requires you to have a thorough understanding of the practical problems and solutions involved in working with board members. This specialization is designed to help you becomes killed at working with boards of directors in a way that will contribute to your organization’s increased efficiency.

Business Strategies for a Better World Specialization
Although this beginner level course will take a simple two months to begin, it will offer valuable lessons for the development of business strategies to increase social impact. With the help of this course, you will learn ways to make your desire to change the world into a profitable venture. The key principles of this course focus on the application of business strategies to real-world problems. Other tools you will learn in this course include: leading and investing in business decisions designed to make a social impact, analyzing information related to global trends in order to make decisive business calls, and developing projects that have a high level of potential for positive social change.

Conflict Management Specialization
This specialization will take four months to complete and is designed to be a beginner’s level introduction to the concept of conflict resolution. By taking this course, you will learn to look at the positive aspects of conflict. A significant emphasis is placed upon the ability to understand and improve communication in both personal and professional relationships. The course also offers a way to understand the facets involved in the management of global intercultural conflict, competing interests, power imbalances, and the factors influencing conflict strategies.

Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialization
Five courses make up this beginner level specialization. Throughout the courses, you will focus on the applications, interventions, research methods, and resilience skills associated with positive psychology. You’ll learn the ways in which positive psychology offers master strategies that allow both people and businesses to thrive. By the end of the five courses, you’ll be ready to describe how positive psychology can be applied to both your professional and personal life.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialization
This flexible beginner level specialization expects you to have at least 2 years of previous business experience and you should have some familiarity with data analysis. There are five courses involved in this specialization. The first introduces you to the fundamentals of GIS, including spatial analysis and cartography principles. The remaining courses introduce you to GIS data formats, geospatial and environmental analysis, imagery, automation, and applications. By the time you complete the courses, you will be able to work with ModelBuilder and raster data. You will also have advanced abilities in the development and analysis of data for geospatial analysis projects.

Inspired Leadership Specialization
As you work with others in the human rights field, you will often find yourself in the position of leadership. Teamwork and organizational structures will necessitate that you are able to inspire others, and this course assists you in learning how to do so practically. Although you will need 8 months to complete this specialization, your five intermediate level courses will focus on a variety of leadership concerns, including: the role of emotional intelligence, women in leadership, coaching as a learning tool, appreciative inquiry, and the skills needed to develop others as leaders. Particularly emphasis is placed on how to ask questions in order to become more self-confident and how to build a more inclusive team as a leader.

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