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International Law PhDs

International Law, Ph.D. (University of Geneva)

The University College Dublin in Dublin, Ireland, offers a doctoral program in European Law and Governance. Students spend 36 months in the program, and the cost is $13,305 USD per year. All students in the program complete a series of courses related to European and International Governance and the Law and Governance of the EU. Students also receive training in research methods. To receive the doctoral degree, students must complete a doctoral thesis based on their own research and defend it in front of a panel. Applicants must have a master’s degree in a related field and be fluent in English.

Law, Ph.D. (Geneva University)

The University of Geneva in Geneva, Switzerland, offers a doctoral degree program in International Law. To complete the program, students will need to devote 48 months to full-time study. The cost of tuition is $8,066 USD per year. All students complete coursework in Anthropology and Sociology of Development, International Economics, Developmental Economics, International History,  International Law, International Relations and Political Science. In addition, students are required to complete independent research that culminates in a doctoral dissertation. Qualified applicants will have a master’s degree in law or a related field and be fluent in either English or French.

International and European Law, Ph.D. (Monash University)

Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, offers a doctoral degree program in law that costs $25,157 USD per year. The program lasts for 36 months and involves a series of courses plus independent research and a Ph.D. thesis. Students are free to pursue research in any of the following areas: Commercial law, Comparative law, Criminal law, Administrative law, eLaw, Family law, Health law, Human Rights law, Environmental law, Equity and Property law, Intellectual Property law, International Trade law, Public Law and Torts. To be considered for admission, students must have a bachelor’s degree and an established history of academic excellence. English fluency is also required.

Human Security and Global Law, Ph.D. (Riga Graduate School of Law)

Riga Graduate School of Law in Riga, Latvia, offers a doctoral degree program in International and European Law. Most doctoral candidates receive either full or partial funding to cover the cost of tuition. Students take courses in legal research methods and design a one-of-a-kind curriculum based on their own interests. The program lasts for 36 months and is intended to be taken on a full-time basis. Admission into the program is highly competitive, particularly for full-funding positions. To be considered, applicants must have a master’s degree in law earned with honors distinction and be able to prove fluency in English.

European Law and Governance, Ph.D. (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

The Autonomous University of Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain, offers a doctoral degree program in Human Security and Global Law. This highly affordable program costs only $641 USD per year and lasts for 36 months. Students have the opportunity to conduct independent research in administrative law, Global integration through the World Trade Organization, public and private security, prevention of domestic violence, prevention of armed violence, protection of the environment and coastal areas, protection of flora and fauna, employment law, occupational risk prevention, financial and tax law, global animal law, the history of social law, human security or human rights. For admissions consideration, students must have a master’s degree in law and an exceptional academic record.