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Environmental Science Bachelors

The list of universities offering bachelor degrees is intended for those who want to develop their careers in the field of environment, but would also like to explore various possibilities that best suit their interests and skills. Here are diverse programs around the world where you can obtain a bachelor degree which can help you land yourself a job in the field of the environment.

Environment, Macquarie University

Acquire University is a progressive and transformational education centre which is in the top of two percents of all universities in the world. During this BA course related to the environment, you will have an opportunity to learn about social science and socioeconomic issues in relation to environmental matters. The range of subjects that it includes extends form studying ecosystems, Planet Earth, Marine Geoscience to Ecology and Earth Surface Processes. If you are interested in science then this course may be just for you.

BSc Environment and Development, London School of Economics and Political Science

As a world-class center for teaching and research across the full range of the social, political and economic sciences, London School of Economics and Political Science offers a great opportunity for you to obtain a Bachelor Degree in Science. The BSc is a full time three years program intended to provide students with environmental education which covers subjects like environmental change, sustainable development, science and society, and others. In order to attend this course, you will need to take a language test unless you are native speaker.

Environment and Health, University of Toronto

If you are curious to learn about the behavior of the planet Earth or functioning of human bodies, and what is the synergistic relationship of those two, then check out this course in The School of the Environment at University of Toronto. There are many departments dedicated to studying the environment, and this one provides insight into the importance of a healthy environment, and the quality of humans’ life which depends on it.

Geography, Urban Environments and Climate Change (Hons), University of Wolverhampton

Do you want to develop green skills and awareness of the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change? The University of Wolverhampton has over 500 courses within 18 Schools and Institutes. By developing the skills and knowledge required for the future green economy, you will learn how sustainable solutions can be incorporated into the infrastructure.

Coasts and Oceans, Flinders University

Are you interested in marine and ocean life and would you like to study its systems and processes? This program may be what you have been looking for. It will provide you with educational classes that cover topics like Earth and Environmental Sciences, Marine Sciences, Environment and Society, Introduction to Geographical Information System and The Nature of Science. You do not necessarily have to possess any previous knowledge about science to be eligible. During the studies, you will have numerous opportunities to participate in various projects offered by the University. Coasts and Oceans program within Flinders University typically lasts three years but there are options to choose between a part-time and full-time program.

Environmental Design, Budapest Metropolitan University

If your dream job is to work as an interior designer/object designer associate, an independent artist or as a project manager for professionals, then this University based in Budapest is something you might look for. Aiming to teach professionals who design and decorate the interior and the exterior of built environment, this program is created so it can cover most important topics that you will need if you intend to make our environment prettier. You will have an opportunity to explore the links between humans and the environment. Also, you will learn about national and international trends and ecological attitude. By attending this program, you will get to know the materials and technologies available on the market and you will also gain environmentally and health conscious in order to be able and create sustainable solutions. By conducting a number of workshops, students attending this program, have an opportunity to create prototypes of the designed object.

Environment, University Nova Gorica 

Aiming to become a research university that is recognised as a driving force of social development, University Nova Gorica has an excellent program for those who want to obtain a diploma which is equivalent to Bachelor in environmental technology. This interdisciplinary program lasts for six semesters. Aiming to educate experts capable of working in research, technical and administrative fields, who will be able to realize legislative and executive tasks at the local, national and international level, this University designed a course that will cover many important subjects of natural, technical and social sciences that are related to the problems in the environment.

International Environment and Development Studies, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

If you are looking for studies that combine science and natural science approaches, and not only on the national level but globally, then you need to check the University of Life Sciences programs. This University offers research and study programs generating innovations in food, health, environmental protection, climate and sustainable use of the natural resource. Many environmental issues can’t be resolved until focusing on its international dimension, so the program approaches this problem from several viewpoints. In order to understand the relation of the environment and humans’ behavior and different impacts, you will learn about different aspect and relations such as the environment and gender, environment and politics, development thinking, etc. The interesting fact: there is no tuition fee for this course.

Natural Environment and Wilderness Studies with Honours, University of Tasmania

This interesting course is designed as one-year full-time or two-year part-time. If your aim is to become highly competitive for professional careers in this area of specialisation, then this course can help you develop the required skills. As a student your obligation will be to conduct research and write a thesis, and in that way you will dedicate some time to deepen your knowledge about the topic that interests you. This course provides advanced training and consequent in-depth knowledge within a particular discipline as well as training in research techniques relevant to that discipline. It will either enable postgraduate research entry or employment in research.

Human Environment, Concordia University Montréal

Geography makes a huge impact on humans’ behavior, since it determines the climate, conditions for agriculture, water resources and other essentials for human existence. The Human Environment program within Concordia University Montréal offers lectures for those willing to become geographers. It is created for students who would like to develop its way of thinking towards inventive solutions for some of the most important issues that the planet and humanity face today: climate change, biodiversity loss, natural resource management, and sustainability. By conducting projects and practical workshops in labs, students will practice the knowledge gained from lectures. By engaging within this University’s program, you will learn what are the relationships between people and places: what places mean, how places shape human’s life, etc., as well as examine the causes and consequences of environmental change. Also, the focus will be on social justice and the sustainable use of resources. By doing the research project, you will learn to gather, analyze and interpret statistical data. As a professional geographer, you will need to develop technical skills in computerized mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and this course will provide you with that, too.

Literature & Environment, The University of Montana

If you are interested in using written language and conscious texts to draw attention and influence others to think more about the preservation of the environment than keep reading and find out what the University in Montana offers. Literature & Environment is a new and exciting option in the English department within the College of Humanity and Sciences at University of Montana. It is designed for those interested in literary expression addressing the human relationship to all other environmental factors. This program is created to last four years as a full-time course. During this period, you will have an opportunity to get the introduction to Literary Studies and Environmental Imagination, and you may learn about criticism and ethics, as well.

Residential Environments and Design Major, Virginia Tech

The preservation of the environment can be achieved in different ways, and by different impacts of individuals. This course trains the students on how to include diverse aspects such as health, safety, energy and the natural environment in the ever-changing housing and design industry. Residential Environments and Design Major is a four-year program accredited by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. By attending this course, students can choose one of several offered options aiming to direct their career towards kitchen and bath designing, designing showroom, marketing, and manufacturing or residential construction. It will help you develop creative abilities, problem-solving skills, analytical abilities, and a foundation of knowledge of the residential design industry.

Zoology, Laurentian University

Laurentian University based in Canada offers a bachelor program in Zoology. Here you can specialize in many areas, including animal biology, organisms and their development, genetics, evolution, physiology, behavior, and interaction with the environment. It is created for those who would like to study animals, organisms, and how they’re adapting, surviving, and thriving in today’s environment. This course includes lectures in Biology, General Chemistry, Calculus, Linear Algebra and Physics for the Life Science. Laurentian University has a re-green program which is recognized by UNESCO, and also, it represents a great place if you want to study air pollution and rehabilitation.

Environmental Social Sciences (Hons), University of Kent

If you are brave enough to cope up with the most challenging environmental issues, this course is designed for you. The University of Kent encourages young people who want to tackle current global problems, such as global warming, scarcity of resources and ecological and social crises. By attending The School of Anthropology and Conservation, you will be provided with excellent teaching resources, including dedicated computing facilities. Also, you will get an opportunity to attend exceptional local excursions. This program offers different modules and it can last three years, if you attend it as a full-time student, but if you choose the part-time option, then it will last for six years.

Biological Anthropology (Hons), Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University is ranked as one of the best universities in the United Kingdom in 2018. By obtaining this honored title by Times Higher Education Young University Rankings for teaching and research this institution is a great place to learn about biological anthropology. By providing compulsory and prerequisite modules, attendees will progressively develop knowledge and skills. There are three main topics that are covered under this course. Those are Human Origins and Archaeology; Primate Evolution, Behaviour and Conservation, and Human-Environment Interactions. Moreover, you will learn about human evolution, ecology and osteology, current trends, geoarchaeology, cross-cultural psychology, animal behavior, environmental decision making and many more.

Environmental Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology

Warsaw University of Technology WUT is a technical research institution. It has valuable traditions in education which dating back to the nineteenth century. For those interested in obtaining an environmental engineering bachelor degree, the university created a qualitative bachelor course. Under this program, principal engineering skills are taught together with the achievement of knowledge of basic subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. By attending the Environment Engineering bachelor program, students will get general knowledge of processes in major constituents of the environment. Also, an insight of basic environmental technologies will be provided, such as atmospheric physics and chemistry, air pollution control, hydrology, water resources and water protection, soil protection and land reclamation, waste management, etc. This innovative approach will teach students how to choose modern methods in order to protect natural resources. Throughout the engineering course, environmental aspects of energy production and use will be pointed out.

Environmental and Energy Management, University of Nicosia

Department of Life and Health Sciences, within the University of Nicosia, offers a bachelor degree program for future environmental and energy managers. This University, based in Cyprus, allows students a broadly based scientific understanding of the environment, including the comprehension of the legislative, economic and political drivers. Aiming to prepare students for two ISO certificates, in Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) and in Energy Management Systems (ISO 50001), the program is designed in the way that it provides learning of the elements of biology, energy management, organic and biological chemistry, energy technologies for the future and renewable energy resources. Students will have a good understanding of climate change, adaptation, and mitigation strategies, but also, they will be prepared to develop knowledge on the concepts of low carbon economies, cyclic economy, and smart cities.

International Environment and Development Studies, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

This program uses a combination of natural and social sciences to help students gain a complete understanding of topics such as social justice, environmental sustainability, ecological and social resilience, political ecology, natural resource management, resource conflicts, development policies, and more. Students will gain research and analysis skills, in addition to learning development theory and practice methods. Students are encouraged to participate in an internship, a semester abroad, and a one-month field course as part of their degree completion.

This is a free, full-time, on-campus program that lasts 3 years. Students should plan to have a minimum of about €1050 a month to cover basic living expenses. Students must have English language proficiency and a high school diploma or equivalent. International students must pass the Higher Education Entrance Qualification to Norwegian Universities.

Students will be qualified to continue on to a Master’s program in a related field following completion of this degree. They will also be equipped for careers at the local, national, and international levels with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, international organizations, and other institutions working with international development environmental studies, international relations, resources management, and ecology.