Sustainable Development in Humanitarian Action

Provider International Red Cross
Platform FutureLearn
Weeks 2
Hours 8

Sustainable Development in Humanitarian Action is a free online course offered by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. The class provides an in-depth look at how humanitarian groups contribute to sustainable development around the world. There are no educational or work experience requirements for enrollment; however, the course will be most beneficial for individuals who work in the humanitarian sector and for employees and professionals working in developing nations.

Presented through online videos, Sustainable Development in Humanitarian Action is comprised of four modules. Students complete one module per week over a four-week period. Most students will need to devote roughly two hours each week to the coursework to succeed. The class begins with a look at sustainability in the supply chain. Then, it explores economic efficiency, social equity and environmental preservation as cornerstones of sustainable development. At the end, students will have the tools needed to develop and implement sustainability projects.



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