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Religion, Conflict and Peace

Religion, Peace and Conflict have been historically intertwined. In this course by Harvard University you will learn about the complex roles religion has played in conflict and peace. The course will explore a variety of world religions and investigate their role in promoting peace or encouraging violent conflict.

The course is ideal for everyone with an interest in how religion, conflict and peace are connected but will be particularly useful to peace and conflict students, journalists, researchers, peace workers, foreign affairs officials, humanitarian aid workers and everyone who is interested in pursuing such a career path.

In this course you will learn how religions institutions are structured, how they function and power dynamics are at play. You will analyze how they thwart or support public health initiatives and led to positive or negative consequences for populations and communities. You will also investigate how religions suppress or advance educational opportunities.

The introductory level course takes roughly 8 weeks to complete. You audit the course for free or opt in for a Harvard certificate for an extra fee.

Harvard University
Peace and Conflict
8 weeks

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