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Global Health, Conflict and Violence

Global Health, Conflict and Violence is an online course offered by University of Bergen. In this course about medical peace work you will learn how health professionals use their skills to prevent and reduce violence, and how they contribute to the promotion of peace in the global context.

Medical peace work is important because violence has a huge impact on our wellbeing and health. Violence is a leading cause of injuries and deaths globally. Even Health professionals themselves can become perpetrators either intentionally through the abuse of power or unintentionally as part of an abusive system. Medical peace work can happen before, during and after a violent conflict erupted.

In this course you will learn through animated stories and scenarios that include work in a conflict zone, the aftermath of a nuclear explosion and the negative impact of climate change. You will explore cultural, structural and direct forms of violence, and about collective, interpersonal and self-induced spheres of violence, and what can be done to prevent all these forms of violence.

The entire course takes roughly 9 hours to complete. Its ideal for peace practitioners and health workers but everyone with an interest in medical peace work will benefit from this course. After completing the course you will be able to describe what medical peace work entails globally and locally and you will be able to analyze and respond to different forms of violence in health practice.

University of Bergen
Peace and Conflict
3 weeks