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Global Health and Humanitarianism

Provider University of Manchester
Platform Coursera
Weeks 3
Hours 10

Global Health and Humanitarianism is a course that is currently being offered by the University of Manchester. It is a six-week course that is designed to give students an overview of the situation surrounding humanitarianism and global health both in practice and in theory. These two fields are connected and overlap with one another, and that connection will be shown through three key themes. Taught through lectures and videos, each of the three themes will be discussed for a two-week period.

The first and second week of the Global Health and Humanitarianism will center on an introduction to the global health situation; the third and fourth weeks will speak about humanitarianism; and the fifth and sixth weeks will discuss the right to humanitarian assistance. The course will look at a few different debates and opinions on the topics and will be linked to moral and ethics issues while being linked to the key themes. It is encouraged that students share their thoughts and opinions with their peers during this period in order to get a greater understanding.

Global Health and Humanitarianism is a beginner course and will be taught entirely in English. The course will include modules that will use videos, readings, lectures and papers. Occasionally, there will be a graded assignment that students must pass in order to pass the course as a whole. By the end, students will understand the different tools and the knowledge that one must possess in order to truly understand the key themes.



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Disclosure: Global Peace Careers may be compensated by course providers.