Peace and Conflict Studies

5 Common Career Paths in Peacebuilding

It is very common to hear about wars and conflicts across the globe, especially on the continent of Africa. Wars and conflicts are our present-day realities, but research suggests that the rate and spate of wars have fallen drastically in recent years, especially in Africa. The Stockholm International Peace Research …

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5 NGO funding agencies you should know

Finding the right agency to fund your non-profit can be quite a task. A number of donor agencies offer smaller micro-grants for any amount below $50,000. These are usually one-time funding opportunities, since donors would release the bulk of the money in one go. NGO’s are required to submit a …

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5 top online courses about ngo project management

Project Management: The Basics for Success Combining important aspects of Team Leadership and Project Management into one programme, the Basics for Success project management course will give you a further understanding of the requirements of leadership. The programme leans heavily on class engagement and reflection, to better equip you with …

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