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LGBTI Rights


The main criticism about movies is that you don’t get the characters thoughts and true emotions, the audience can not fully experience what it’s like to live through the moments that are happening. It can be frustrating to want to know what it’s truly like for each of the characters …

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When applying for colleges, universities, and careers, volunteer positions are a great way to build experience and your resume. LGBTI companies and organizations often offer volunteer positions to undergraduates, professionals, and people looking to make a difference in the LGBTI community. Many places allow their volunteers to work hands on …

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LGBTI movies

Representation in movies is a big deal for all cultures and walks of life. LGBTI people have fought for inclusion in media so that their stories are told and seen by the world. It is important for other LGBTI people to see themselves in movies, but it is even more …

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UCLA School of Law Fellowships 2019

The Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law welcomes applicants to their 2019 summer fellowship. This opportunity is open to current law students and will focus on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity. Fellows learn to relate current gender and orientation issues to public policy in a meaningful way. Trends …

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Stonewall Community Foundation Scholarships

The Stonewall Community Foundation, based in New York City, has championed understanding of and rights for non-conforming citizens for 50 years. They focus on education and acceptance, and are proud to offer two scholarship opportunities for students dedicated to similar causes. The Traub-Dicker Rainbow Scholarship, established by Peggy Traub and …

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UN LGBTI Fellowship 2019

The seven month fellowship with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights is based in Geneva, Switzerland (candidates must obtain visa) and is focused on Women’s Human Rights and Gender Section. Fellows receive CHF 3,800 stipend for living expenses. Qualified applicants will demonstrate fluent English written …

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