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10 Crowdfunding Platforms for NGOs

GlobalGiving GlobalGiving is one of the largest crowdfunding communities connecting NGOs, donors and companies in nearly every country in the world. This crowdfunding platform helps organizations access the tools, training, and support they need to be more effective and help their communities. This is a secure and trusted platform to …

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15 Top NGOs in Delhi

Being Green Being Green is an Indian NGO that actively works on establishing and sustaining a green society by making people aware about the benefits of green living. For this NGO, the word green means tranquility and comfort for all. Green is not only related to the environment, but to …

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5 NGO funding agencies you should know

Finding the right agency to fund your non-profit can be quite a task. A number of donor agencies offer smaller micro-grants for any amount below $50,000. These are usually one-time funding opportunities, since donors would release the bulk of the money in one go. NGO’s are required to submit a …

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5 top online courses about ngo project management

Project Management: The Basics for Success Combining important aspects of Team Leadership and Project Management into one programme, the Basics for Success project management course will give you a further understanding of the requirements of leadership. The programme leans heavily on class engagement and reflection, to better equip you with …

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5 Paid NGO internships around the world

Alkarama Foundation The Alkarama Foundation is an independent human rights organization, based in Geneva and established in 2004. The organization assists victims who are at risk of disappearances, torture, extra-judicial executions, and arbitrary detention in the Arab World. It acts as a bridge between individual victims and international human rights mechanisms, …

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