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Volunteering for LGBTI Issues: Our Short Guide

When applying for colleges, universities, and careers, volunteer positions are a great way to build experience and your resume. LGBTI companies and organizations often offer volunteer positions to undergraduates, professionals, and people looking to make a difference in the LGBTI community. Many places allow their volunteers to work hands on with the organizations main objectives and become part of the team. Important figures in human rights fields have started out as volunteers who found their calling and made a difference helping others. The first steps to finding those opportunities is here on this site, and here is a list of organizations that are open to volunteers like you.

The Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest LGBTI rights organization that offers support to members of the community whether at work or in society. It has a large network of members that makes it a great place to network and meet others with the same civil rights passions as them. They have several branches that work with schools or family programs or legal issues and many more. Its main office is in Washington, D.C., but they welcome volunteers from all over to help support LGBTI individuals in their communities. To volunteer with the Human Rights Campaign, fill out the interest form.

Amnesty International is a global organization that fights for human rights for many LGBTI individuals. Their organization reaches beyond borders and into countries were LGBTI civil rights are being abused. Amnesty is represented and influential in such countries as Algeria, the Dominican Republic, Greece, Qatar, America, England, Turkey, and many more. They work on issues like climate change, LGBTI rights, detention, international justice, torture, and many other issues that international citizens are facing.  To volunteer with Amnesty International, check with their volunteer page for openings at their offices houses all over the world.

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Kaleidoscope International Trust is a United Kingdom based organization that works with LGBTI and human rights organizations to champion for the rights and betterment of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, intersex, and trans individuals. It is a nonprofit that uses lobbying and advocating to accomplish its goals and the aims of its partners. Another part of what their organization does to ensure the rights of LGBTI people is through events, publications, and conferences. For those who are interested in volunteering with Kaleidoscope International Trust, get in contact with the organization through their volunteer form.

Stonewall Equality Limited is a UK based organization that works for the civil and human rights of LGBTI communities and individuals. They offer resources to businesses and individuals who want to create a more inclusive environment in their workplaces or lives. With educational services offered to schools, Stonewall Equality Limited is committed to making sure the next leaders of the United Kingdom and beyond are skilled in working with diverse communities and welcoming LGBTI people into their spaces. Stonewall Equality Limited is open to volunteers assisting with their events and other organizational functions. Interested applicants can check their website for open positions.

A New York organization that works directly with government agencies, individuals, and companies to assist lesbian and other LGBTI individuals receive the services they require to live a comfortable and healthy life, Astraea  the Lesbian Foundation for Justice offers an internship with their team for LGBTI professionals. They work on a global scale and hold strong ties with international organizations that work hard fighting oppression. The foundation also offers financial services to lesbian, genderqueer, intersex, or trans companies and organizations. Volunteers with the organization can choose from different functions that can help Astraea in their mission, simply visit their volunteer page and fill out the form to note your interest.

Durban Lesbian and Gay Community and Health Centre is an organization working out of Durban, South Africa that trains, educates, and empowers LGBTI people within the Durban community. At their centre, visitors and members can read and find shelter while benefiting from the organizations many resources. With their aids that they offer to LGBTI individuals, the Durban Centre offers education on HIV and AIDS which includes testing for other sexually transmitted infections and offer assistance on finding legal counseling. To request to volunteer for the Centre, fill out the form and check which positions and responsibilities align with your interests.

GLSEN works directly in schools with children, politicians, and school officials to work toward the betterment of LGBTI youth within the school system. They have chapters all over the country in states like Washington, Virginia, Florida, Hawai’i, and many more. These internships are best suited for people wanting to work within the education system and have a strong sense of advocacy. They offer two different internships one geared toward youth development and another is a research fellowship for people of color. The organization is open to volunteers, so visit their site for openings and calls to action.

The next organization works to help LGBTI professionals across multiple fields. Out and Equal Workplace advocates are involved in the betterment and inclusivity of LGBTI professionals who are seeking opportunities with various companies. They offer a database of internships with corporations, nonprofits, organizations, and governments around the world that help LGBTI internship seekers the ability to apply to multiple opportunities at companies who are committed to advancing LGBTI people within their organizations. They also provide training and resources for individuals through various partnerships with Fortune 500 companies. To volunteer at their work summit, contact the organization.

Within the tech field there is Outreachy a single organization that offers remote paid internships with companies specifically in FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) geared toward minorities who are underrepresented in the field, specifically LGBTI individuals. Their goal is to have more inclusive communities within the open-source world. The organization has made sizeable contributions to getting more LGBTI people into coding and programming jobs. The organization is open to volunteers and interested professionals just need to visit their site for openings.

G.L.I.T.S. (Gays and Lesbians Living in a Trans Society) is a New York City based organization that offers multiple services such as support to recently released incarcerated transgender people who need a new start. They provide housing and clothing referrals, career training, and post-release kits with an array of hygiene supplies. With a partnership they have with CenterLink, G.L.I.T.S. is able to aid international LGBTI people who are seeking asylum, relocation, or mental health services. To volunteer with the organization, fill out their form and begin helping the transgender community.

Another, ONE Archives Foundation, Inc., is the community partner that works with the University of Southern California libraries which hosts the largest collection of LGBTI materials on an international level. The organization itself has been active since the 50’s, and in 2010, partnered up with the University of Southern California to house their archives. ONE works to keep their collections open to the public and school systems through public outreach and campaigns. They allow volunteers and post positions on their page.

At any point in your career, you can decide to volunteer to build your skills, network, and resume while helping out in your community. Becoming a volunteer in the LGBTI community allows you to see what it is like working directly with individuals in the community and gain an understanding of how careers in LGBTI related fields operate. Volunteer positions are perfect for professionals who want to gain experience and a deeper knowledge of their industry.