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The Changing Global Order

The Changing Global Order is an online course offered by the University Leiden in the Netherlands through its Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs. Intended for students who are currently studying international affairs or for individuals who work in international or foreign relations, the course is completely free. The purpose of the course is to examine how international and regional organizations help to maintain the balance of power on a global scale and how power is currently shifting. Students will learn to interpret research to measure the influence of various countries.

To successfully complete The Changing Global Order, students will need to spend approximately 4 to 7 hours per week on the course material. Lectures are presented as videos in English with French subtitles. Readings are assigned to deepen students’ understanding of the course material. After completing the readings and watching the videos, students complete a related assignment. Those who pass all of the assignments receive a passing grade for the course. A certificate of completion is available for a small fee.

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