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5 Organizations Offering Inclusion and Diversity Trainings

International organizations that operate on global levels are required to understand how different cultures function and how their organizational culture impacts employees. International organizations may lack the knowledge and experience when it comes to attracting diverse workforces and handling multicultural and complex environments.

When organizations do not offer inclusive environments to their employees this might lead to misunderstanding and the loss of reputation. Therefore, organizations often go through inclusion and diversity trainings to reduce prejudice and discrimination at the workplace as well as to facilitate positive interaction between individuals who come from different backgrounds. This article, thus, provides an overview of 5 different organizations/companies that offer inclusion and diversity trainings for those who want to adopt multicultural models in their everyday work:

U Diverse Coaching

U Diverse Coaching is a company that supports international organizations to ‘’develop global diverse talents in inclusive environments and help individuals achieve their career goals internationally’’. It offers cultural diversity coaching and training programs that help organizations to gain specific knowledge, and adapt frameworks and models to develop insights on building a globally inclusive workplace by facilitating exchange and developing knowledge and awareness.

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The diversity training program that U Diverse Coaching offers can help both organizations and individuals instill a sense of inclusion. The program is designed frog organizations that want to change their cultures to a more cultural inclusive environments, to prevent diversity issues in the workplace, help their employees face discrimination and help those employees who have issues accepting diversity. It also helps senior leaders, executives and managers who want to develop inclusive and diverse cultures as well as hiring managers and recruiters who need to diversify their hiring pool.

International Multicultural Institute

The International Multicultural Institute (IMCI) was founded in 1983 as a non-profit organization that recognized a need for new services, knowledge, and skills in the field of diversity and multiculturalism. Since then, it had around 50.000 participants attending its workshops and trainings both from the US and around the world.

IMCI offers diversity and multiculturalism trainings to organizations that want to develop effective multicultural teams, recruit and retain a diverse workforce, promote employee productive and build a culture that is empowered by differences. Its trainings always include several basic components: knowledge that is needed to function effectively in diverse environments, awareness of prejudices and fears about differences and their impact on the organizational culture, skills to increase the level of cultural competence and creative problem solving, and action to develop plans to implements the new knowledge, skills and awareness on both the organizational and individual levels.

Prism International

Ever since 1992, Prism International has assisted hundreds of organizations in 24 countries by ‘’providing systemic diversity and inclusion process and best in practices performance solutions focusing on optimizing the opportunities and complexities of the workforce, workplace and marketplace’’. Its mission is to create more inclusive workplaces that value the contributions of all team members by making significant differences in organizational performance.

Prism International offers inclusion and diversity trainings that provide the knowledge, skills and tools, which are important for creating and sustaining change that fosters a more inclusive, respectful, creative and productive workforce and workplace. It inclusion and diversity trainings are designed to be flexible to be able to meet the demands and schedules of today’s active working environments. Prism International offers a variety of trainings that are flexible in their duration and delivery and adapted to the needs of each organization to provide solutions to fill in gaps in their working environments and transform the workplace.

Canadian Centre for Inclusion and Diversity

The Canadian Centre for Inclusion and Diversity (CCDI) is a social organization that works with a mission of helping those with whom it works to be inclusive, free of prejudice and discrimination by generating the awareness, dialogue and action for people to recognize diversity as an asset and not an obstacle. It helps employers celebrate diversity and difference ‘’with a model that blends social impact and proven business tactics for inclusive work environments that mobilize the potential of individuals and teams’’.

CCDI’s Learning Solutions programs offer learning and inclusion opportunities for both employers and employees and include e-learning courses, instructor led training (in person or virtual), and blended programs. The programs are designed to build awareness, skills and knowledge amongst all employees, from front staff to senior leaders. The topics of the programs customized to fit the unique needs of employees and often include diversity and inclusion fundamentals, unconscious bias, managing bias in hiring, and gender and respect in the workplace.


Include-Empower.com is a diversity and inclusion consultancy company based in Sydney, Australia. It works globally by providing organizations with evidence based and best practice solutions to create culture of inclusion. It draws upon experience of expert diversity and inclusion consultants to provide the best possible experience.

Include-Empower.com offers bite-sized diversity and inclusion workshops that support the development of organization’s capabilities in inclusion and diversity. These workshops ‘’offer cost effective opportunities for groups of up to 60 participants to refresh and extend their awareness of diversity and inclusion issues in an interactive manner over one to two hours’’. Besides the bite-sized workshops, the company also offers a variety of intensive diversity and inclusion trainings that last from half to full day. Trainings are intended for smaller groups and topics range from inclusive leaderships and unconscious bias to inclusion and cultural intelligence.